Fernando's career story

“Some of the best opportunities come at the least expected moment, and this is exactly what happened to me. A simple phone call was enough to trigger the curiosity in me for a new work environment that I knew would be the greatest of my challenges until then; I was 22 years old, just six months out of college, and I would be part of this big global organization.

Adapting wasn’t easy, Majorel was just making its way in Colombia and every day we would see a bigger obstacle in front of us than the previous one.”

“Today, after more than 7 years with Majorel, with a supporting team always by my side and countless people who have passed through the HR department and made their contribution, I am strongly convinced that my decision back in 2013 was one of the best decisions of my life.

This company has trained a comprehensive professional, someone who gets people, who has a vision of the future, who wants to continue learning day by day, and who understands the needs and difficulties of others. It would impossible to summarize everything I’ve experienced at Majorel, but thanks to it all I was able to grow within the company, meet countless goals in my life, be a support for my family, and have my managers’ trust for the honest and dedicated work towards all the employees.”

Fernando’s story is so inspiring, we hope his dedication can set an example for all our future employees!

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