Welcome to Bucaramanga!

Also known as “The Pretty City”, Bucaramanga is a land of opportunities. Its diversity, gastronomy and rich culture make of this place a true example of the Colombian magic realism.

The department of Santander ranks 4th among the Colombian regions with a higher GDP and has also the 3rd lower unemployment rate in the country. There is no secret behind it; industries like manufacturing, agriculture, commerce and services support those statistics. In addition to that, its location makes of Bucaramanga a point of high interest for adventure tourism.

We welcome you to Bucaramanga with exciting professional opportunities that will boost your career. We are constantly hiring new talents to support our growth, apply and join the team!

Our office in Bucaramanga

A dynamic, comfortable place to work, equipped with the latest technologies to improve both the performance of our employees and their well-being. In a nutshell, a great multinational environment at Santander department to boost your career.

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Job offers in Bucaramanga

Regardless of your qualifications and experience, we provide you with great opportunities to boost your career at the right work environment. We offer bespoke service to renowned companies in sectors such as e-commerce, utilities, transport, telecommunications, building industry, etc.

    Feel Good Program

    Feel Good Body

    Medical tests: we care for the physical health of our employees and take measures to identify and prevent potential risks.

    Active pauses: let’s break the routine! We invite employees to take active pauses at work every two hours, proposing exercises to stretch and relieve joint stress. That’s a good way to preserve fitness, recharge the batteries and improve our performance.

    Health week: it’s an opportunity to raise internal awareness on the importance of having a wholesome life and to promote self care. This week, many activities take place at the office: blood donation, free massages, health workshops, etc.

    Keep your voice healthy and strong: voice care is of utmost importance for us. We advise employees on how to use their voice correctly at work with very useful tips and tricks.

    Health & safety raining programs: our H&S teams offer proactive advice to ensure that employees carry out their daily tasks in a safe environment. We prevent accidents, protect their health and also their physical and emotional well-being.

    Feel Good Body

    Feel Good Mind

    School of Leaders: we want our employees to become the future leaders of the company. We train them in different areas to boost our internal talent, paving the way for future promotions. The School of Leaders program takes place once or twice a year, depending on the company’s needs.

    High performance teams: we train employees to enhance their communication skills, resiliency and emotional intelligence, abilities that are essential for personal and professional growth.

    Empowerment: we foster the development of teams and individuals within the company.

    Feel Good Mind

    Feel Good Soul

    Social activities: we love special occasions, contests, charity events, getting involved in our local community and much, much more.

    Social responsibility: we aim to give our own contribution to society; through our solidarity campaigns we can make a difference. For example, collecting plastic caps to raise funds for kids cancer associations and many other initiatives.

    Feel Good Soul

    Feel Good Support

    Estamos contigo: count on our support, counselling and psychological care whenever you need it.

    Employee survey: we provide employees with the ideal working conditions to excel at their jobs, but even more important than that is to make them feel (really) good. With our regular employee surveys we get useful insights that are later transformed into actionable improvement plans.

    Feel Good Support