Maja Suligoj Valli

“I can only have words of praise for Majorel’s recruitment processes. Professional, pleasant, questions and tasks concrete and on point. From arranging the meeting to the answer after the meeting, just as it should be, quickly and concretely. When you send an inquiry, you get an answer. That is refreshing, considering companies don’t always have time or correctness to give you feedback.”

I have never seen a better team together. All of them are people with a big heart and they really believe in this project. They are an inexhaustible source of ideas and inspiration.”

“From day one, I felt that the company needed my commitment to grow. The company rewarded me more by giving me space to express myself and do what I love. I work on myself, I learn and I help others to grow so we can all have a brighter future. That’s what inspires me and that is what makes Majorel a company different from others.”

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