Job Description

Job Responsibilities: •Monitor & score all types of customers’ transactions remote & side by side based on the Quality Monitoring Forms.
•Coach errors (non-critical and critical errors) made by CSRs and monitored by the QA team as well as recognition for CSRs with 0 error calls.
•Create and update call scenarios for new and existing accounts.
•Prepare the audit plan and ensure that it reaches the objectives.
•Maintain professionalism and monitor the improvement activities in the department.
•Delivering coaching to agents and tracking the outcome of the coaching.
•Measuring the improvements regarding the monitoring & coaching process.
•Creating the weekly and monthly presentations.
•Provide structured feedback and coaching data to the management on a weekly basis.
•Participate in Calibration Sessions and Quality Meetings.
•Escalates repeated defects to management. •Provide evaluation for new agents after training.
•Measure and report the effectiveness of training by administering tests and evaluations.
•Ensure the consistency of all quality monitors and follow up on calibration results.
•Analyze quality scores & customer complaints and share the insights along with the action plan to improve QA scores and processes.
•Provide reports of QA results per transaction on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
•Generate reports requested by the Client or Management
•Respect and apply company vision, mission, and values.
•Cooperate with the operations team to implement and maintain quality assurance standards.
•Implement the COPC processes & standards.
•Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned. Job Requirements: •Bachelor’s Degree.
•Level of English: Good Level.
•Experience in Call Center Minimum 6 months /1year.
•Knowledge of coaching and people-development skills through call listening, quality feedback, etc.
•Strong organizational & customer-oriented skills
•Excellent data collection and Analysis skills.
•Knowledge of auditing standards
•Good knowledge of MS office
•Strong Awareness of the account’s Knowledge.
•Coaching and monitoring Skills.
•COPC background is preferred.
•Problem-solving skills.
•Excellent leadership and verbal and written communication skills
•Decision-making skills
•Motivation &Time Management Skills

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