Job Description

  • Responsible to open bank accounts for the new employees, ensure receiving and delivering the ATM cards, handling the HR letters for the employees to facilitate the deals between the bank and the employees in order to get their benefits (loans, credit cards…etc.).
  • Responsible for the employees’ data base records and updates on system.
  • Prepare the monthly salary sheet for all employees and update the payroll records to be sent to the finance department accurately and on time.
  • Ensure that every employee hiring process is completed on time (contracts, NDA, medical and social insurance).
  • Handling medical insurance plan/s.
  • Handling the employee’s approvals, refunds and medical requests.
  • Handling the medical network updates and send it to the employees.
  • Prepare the quarterly invoices and deductions (review all family medical insurance commitments).
  • Prepare a report including all resigned employees and send their cards to DMS to be deleted from the database.
  • Conduct Orientation sessions for new hired agents.
  • Handle investigation requests, take the proper action according to Company’s Policy “with Junior Level employees only”.
  • Handle corporate line related issues, premium resignations notifications, new additions and deletions to insurance against theft policy.
  • Make sure that weekly calibration occurred on workforce schedule with BIM and database for outsourcing accounts and with current manpower of insourcing accounts.
  • Review employees’ contract renewal process for all accounts and make sure that renewal is done and take the proper action of salary suspension if not done.
  • Report BSC and workflow data on time to direct manager.
  • Immediate respond on any employee or department’s requests (departmental related data, HR Letters, loans letters, stamping national ID’s, Takaful, pay slip, contract copy, salary mistake & hiring documents copy, VPN) and then send to any site with the runner.
  • Prepare suspension list and announce new bank accounts to be received by employees.
  • Report COPC related tasks (Exit interview, NDA signing confirmation, attrition by TL & Account analysis).
  • Review & send attendance transactions “in, out & current leaves balance” to employees in all sites.
  • Update leaves, business meeting & excuses Database.
  • Review, send attendance effects (deductions, sick leaves calculations, unpaid leaves and overtime) to finance department.
  • Make sure that all new comers “transfers, promotions, or outside new comers” are added on attendance machine and resigned are deleted.
  • Update, distribute new staff ID’s, and maintain enough stationary & orientation session package stock.
  • Complete COPC related approaches and archive in shared folder.
  • Review employees who have 10 years of experience by issuing collective social insurance print to add 30 days annual.
  • Review and update cases in courts with legal department and on time respond with any required documentations, lawyer expenses and cases filling.
  • Deal with labor and social office complaints and handle audits, prepare audit forms.
  • Plan & review employee’s’ contract renewal process for the whole company.
  • Follow-up the issuance of new decisions related to labors from the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration, or prime ministry and report to your direct manager to be applied and updated in code of conduct.

Job Requirements

  • Good in English is a must.
  • Males only can apply.
  • Strong skills in Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel).
  • Good communications skills.
  • Can work in a team.
  • Able to travel freely between Majorel’s sites in Egypt.
  • Strong Knowledge of HR processes .and labor law.
  • At least from 6 months to 1-year experience in Employee Relations is a must.
  • Good Problem Solving Skills.
  • Time Management.

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