Job Description

  • Cascade company objectives & strategic goals to senior supervisors to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Manage senior Supervisors (KPIs, schedule, salaries, motivation, etc…) and follow-up the action plans on Account level.
  • Prepare and present Account’s performance and BSC objectives on a Quarterly basis to Management, develop and implement action plans.
  • Meet with the Operations Senior Supervisors on a regular basis to brief them about their performance and collect their feedback.
  • Ensure that all employees are well aware of all standard procedures, policy.
  • Ensures all client’s KPI’s are met by ongoing improvement of performance through proper quality assurance management.
  • Provide effective and efficient results to meet clients’ needs and capitalize on new opportunities to expand the business scope.
  • Manage the projects Profit & Loss also ensure that they are achieving the target.
  • Meets clients on regular basis and review projects performance.
  • Perform Senior Supervisor interviews and communicate with the recruitment team.
  • Follow-up on staff development plan.
  • Contribute with related stakeholders in preparing Quarter Business Review, analyzing the project performance results comparing to project KPIs, areas to be improved as well as business analysis and communicate them to the client.
  • Communicate with the supporting functions in account related issues.
  • Review & auditing on clients’ invoices.
  • Managing Account P&L and participate in improving profitability by enhancing cost efficiency.
  • Prepare the annual budget.

Job Requirements

  • Fluency in English is a must.
  • Fluency in German is a must.
  • Back ground in Ops and quality management.
  • Good Coaching and Monitoring Skills.
  • Good Communication Skills.
  • Good Problem Solving Skills.
  • Good leadership skills.
  • Good Presentation Skills.
  • Experience in call center at least 2 years as TM.
  • Good Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel and PowerPoint).
  • Ability of set the annual budget.
  • Ability to handle complaints and resolve disputes and conflict.
  • Proficient in Microsoft office.
  • Sets clear and realistic goals.
  • Demonstrated experience in implementing customer segmentation and channel.
  • Bachelor’s Degree.

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