Interview with Ana Rita Monteiro, Senior Operations Manager

Today’s story is all about Ana, Senior Operations Manager at Majorel Amsterdam. Ana shares how she brings the lessons she’s learned from over 20 years in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry to her current role. She has an inspiring career to look at. She joined our company in Lisbon, Portugal as a Trainer in 2015. With her perseverance and hard work, she quickly climbed the corporate ladder, gaining more experience in many of our locations. Now, Ana is a Senior Operations Manager in our headquarter office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Let’s hear Ana’s story in her own words.


What was your path to Majorel and what drew you to apply initially?

After I finished my studies in Languages & Literature in Lisbon, Portugal, I started to work in the BPO industry. I worked for one of the telecommunication companies and was given the chance to take on new responsibilities in various positions, such as an agent, trainer, supervisor, team leader, quality manager, and a quality trainer coordinator. In 2015, I heard about the possibility to work for Majorel. I was already employed for another company for 15 years and realized it was a time for big changes. I wanted to prove myself that I could successfully go through the recruitment process, and apparently, I did. Great changes are always welcome!

How did your career evolve within Majorel?

I joined the Majorel team in Lisbon, Portugal as a Trainer. In this position, I got the chance to travel a lot, to meet our colleagues from around the world and to work abroad. After 2 years, I heard about the opportunity to work in our office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Immediately, I was intrigued and decided to take this new opportunity. I moved to Amsterdam and started a new role as a Learning and Quality Manager. In 2021, I became the Senior Operations Manager. Looking back, it is really about development within Majorel. The company gave me incredible opportunities to grow and develop, and I embraced them with pleasure.

What are your current responsibilities?

A Senior Operations Manager is responsible for the whole project. I have a team to manage, and also the stakeholders. I am responsible for invoicing the client, being in contact with recruiters and HR, and making sure that the Operations Manager as well as the Learning & Quality Manager get the right amount of attention, so that they can constantly improve.

What skills helped you moving forward with your career?

What made it possible, besides a bit of luck in life, was the way I approach work in general. I always try my best to develop myself in every new role I get. Also, I believe that the main driver that gets you to success is your attitude, and the way you want to develop yourself.

What is your biggest professional learning?

My biggest learning is that you can have a positive impact on people who work with you, even though it is quite challenging. By focusing on the strength of the people, and not so much on what they need to improve: it works out better for the person and the team.

Do you have any favorite stories to recall?

I have a story of someone who was my favorite person to work with. I got to know her through a training I carried out and she was curious and interested from the first day in a way that is not common. She always popped up interesting and relevant questions.  I remember that I asked her: ‘What would you like to achieve here?’, and she immediately said that she wants people to be happy by helping them. This is exactly what I have believed since the day one after joining this industry.

Do you have any advice for young people at the start of their careers?

My advice would be that regardless of the job you have, make sure you try your best to develop yourself into that role with a positive attitude towards yourself and others that surround you. 😊

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