A successful interview process does not only depend on your skills and expertise, but also on the way you present yourself. Even little tricks can get you that job. What are some top qualities that make the candidate stand out as a future Majorel employee? We asked Aiste Dilinske, our recruiter at Majorel Lithuania the same question. Read on to find out top 5 qualities our recruiters look for in any entry-level job candidate.

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Language & Communication

Language skills are vital to serve customers from all over the world. You may have brilliant language skills, but are you communicating your expertise effectively? That’s when communication skills come in handy. Verbal or nonverbal communication can shape your whole experience at work and make or break your job performance. Remember, recruiters will take your social skills into a careful consideration. Keep the eye contact with the recruiter and sit straight, this conveys self confidence and will give the interviewer the feeling that you really want that job.


In 2022, self-leadership has become the key to success. Contrary to the past, this brilliant quality is not limited to only those with leadership roles. To succeed, every employee should show self-discipline, self-leadership skills and fully own their responsibilities. Own the experience and you will rock the interview.


Collaborative work always results in more effective solutions and promotes the healthiest atmosphere in the workplace. That’s why recruiters pay close attention to your preferences for working independently or collaboratively. An engaged employee who is supportive and respectful towards their colleagues is a goldmine for any company.

Problem solving

Usually, during interviews, recruiters ask the candidate to highlight one problem which they have solved successfully. Obviously, they are eager to know how you navigate through challenges. Problem solving is tied to critical thinking, thinking outside the box and good listening skills.


Adaptability is a key skill to thrive and keep pace with the New Normal. Lately, companies are more eager to bring in employees who will be on board through change, with a curious mind and willingness to learn every day.

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