Emails improve your public perception and increase the chance of a prompt and positive response. In a nutshell, good email habits reflect well on us! Here are 5 easy tips from Natalja Jeremenko, our HR Manager to get you start working on these good habits.

Do not write and send when angry.

Take your time and cool off. A hostile reply to someone, who probably deserves it, may make you feel good, but it is almost never a good idea.

You’re not sure?

If you have written something you are not sure about, wait until the following day, so that you can check again with a clear mind before sending the email out.

Send your emails to the right people.

Before you click on “Reply All” or add the “Cc” / “Bcc” sections, ask yourself if all the recipients need to be aware of the information you are sending. If they need not, don’t send. You may create unnecessary traffic or get slow down processes. Of course, transparency and team work are essential, but they also should not be a burden.

Do not overuse the high priority (!) option.

If you overuse this feature, it stopes looking important or urgent. An alternative solution is to use descriptive subject lines to explain what a message is about.

Be compliant and professional.

If a third-party needs to be involved in the email thread, write a brand new email with only relevant information.  You can add necessary recipients from your company to “Cc”. If you must forward the previous conversation, edit it and remove office jokes, confidential information, unnecessary expressions of emotion, etc. Even when forwarding internally, take a look through it and consider the reactions some statements might bring.

Natalja is based in Tallinn, Estonia. If you’re looking for career opportunities in Tallinn, check out our open positions here.

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