If you’ve been looking for a new job recently, you might have noticed that the video interviews have become an increasingly common part of the hiring process. Thanks to advancing technology, it is now much easier for candidates to attend interviews via different video platforms with very little difficulty. However, this does not mean you should treat a video interview more casually than an in-person interview.

We’ve asked Tracy Murphy, EMEA Talent Acquisition Manager, and her team who have conducted +2400 online interviews this year with people from +45 countries what are the do’s and don’ts to nail a video interview. Here are the key six tips from our team:

  1. Check your tech

Prior to your interview, check and test your technology. For your video interview, you will need a device with a good camera. Before the interview, make sure your device is fully charged, internet connection is strong, and audio & webcam are working properly. Make sure you test the link prior to the interview.

  1. Prepare your environment

Avoid taking the interview in noisy coffee shops or public settings. Choose a spot where you have no interruptions from family, friends or pets. Before the interview, clear the desk space and prepare a glass of water, your CV/portfolio (if needed) and pen & paper to take some notes.  Best to put your phone away (or turn it on silent).  Video quality is important, no one expects you to be a pro, here are three simple actions you can take:

  • Set your camera up to eye level
  • Ensure your background is neutral
  • Adjust the lights in the room so that you are clearly visible
  1. Dress to impress

Although you are not going into an office to meet with the interviewer face-to-face, it is vital to still dress for success. Doing so will make you feel more confident. Dress professionally from head to toe and avoid the camera trick of wearing suit jacket and sweatpants. Avoid wearing bright, flashy colours that will be distracting on camera.

  1. Be mindful of your body language

Just like on a regular interview, you should try establishing the same level of connection during a video interview. Keep your camera at eye level and look into the camera rather than the screen. It is also important to show the same level of enthusiasm through your body language. Don’t forget to smile and nod when appropriate.

  1. Avoid using notes

It is very tempting to have a cheat sheet on your lap or above your screen. Resist the urge to do this, as it will cause you to look away from the camera or appear distracted during the interview.

  1. Prepare a plan B for tech problems

Despite checking your technology in advance, there is always a chance that it can fail. If this happens, don’t panic, just have a plan B. Provide the interviewer with your phone number prior to interview, so he/she can call you if you lose connection. If you are interrupted by noise or unexpected visitors, apologise and ask for few moments until the interruption is gone. You may want to mute your microphone if this happens.

Remember, a video interview is just like any in-person interview. Be prepared, know the job description and have some key examples ready for potential questions. Conclude the interview by asking appropriate questions and thanking the interviewer for taking his/her time.

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Good luck!

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