Bruno Rosa joined our team as a Team Manager when the Vilnius customer service center was transferred to Majorel in June 2022. His expertise and knowledge are vital to a team in transition, and we are glad that we have him on board as a trusted team member we know to have a strong people focus. Bruno makes sure that his team is well taken care of in times of change, and we could not ask for more.

Read on to learn more about Bruno and his career journey.


What are your current responsibilities?

My responsibilities vary. My core role is managing a team of Customer Service Agents. I make sure that we can perform at our best capabilities and that my team has the tools and conditions to achieve the desired results, while feeling happy and developing in their careers. Apart from my team, with the other managers, we make sure that operations in Vilnius run smoothly and organize various projects and initiatives locally.

Tell us more about your team

I have a great team, which I have managed for 3 years now. We are a small family and really care about each other. They make sure that our customers have the best possible support in their daily queries using several channels, which can be chat, phone, or email.

What skills helped you moving forward with your career?

There are several skills that helped during my career, however, due to being curious by nature, I am constantly trying to learn about anything that catches my eye. As such, I relied a lot on self-study and investigation. Having investigative skills allowed me to always search for different materials related to whatever I wished to learn and make me confident to tackle any system, subject, or area which interested me.

What is one project you’re most proud of?

A few years ago, I had a chance to start a “machine translation” project, which basically means supporting customers in different languages while using translation tools. Now it is a common practice in our area, but it was quite new at the time.

Though the project team we put together had no real connections to each other, they performed so well that the project that was supposed to last 2 weeks lasted 1 year. With time they all left the company to pursue new challenges and grow in their careers, but even today, we still meet quite often and speak with each other almost daily. In the end, people are always what make you the proudest.

What is your biggest professional learning?

I was always rather data driven personally and professionally. I believed for a long time that “numbers don’t lie” and relied in data for most of my work. Which I later discovered was obviously not incorrect, but it was not always accurate. With time and experience, I learned that to perform our best we need to look at data, but we need to corroborate it by listening to people. Only then will you have a good understanding of a situation and be able to efficiently tackle issues and find solutions to what you may need.

What makes you #FeelGood at Majorel?

People are the best thing about this job, in my opinion. We can meet and interact with different personalities and at the end of the day, use our strengths to help others.

Any advice for young people who are just starting their careers?

I would just say “go for it”. I spent so long afraid to take any unusual steps and trying to be careful due to financial considerations that only left my country when I was 30 years old. After making that decision, I started being more adventurous which resulted in having amazing experiences and a richer life than I ever imagined. So, if you have a chance, go for it.

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