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Majorel in Armenia: History & Key Facts

In the face of the global pandemic and the recent political turbulence in Armenia, the opening of our first office in Yerevan was challenging. We started out with +30 employees in 2019, and our team has grown significantly over the last years. For now, at the beginning of 2022, our team in Yerevan unites +400 employees. They serve two leading brands in the E-commerce and Transportation industries from the Yerevan office by delivering great customer experiences via chat, telephone, and email.

Majorel Armenia

Corporate Responsibility Actions Across Armenia

We take responsibility toward the environment and the local communities. Across Majorel locations around the world and also in Armenia, our team invests in various Corporate Responsibility (CR) actions, in support of socially and economically vulnerable people. During the 2021 military conflict, our Feel Good Community organized and gathered all our colleagues under the same purpose. They donated medicine, food, and other necessities to the soldiers and thousands of families affected by the war. To bring back the positive spirit in the holiday season, especially among the unprivileged children, our team also donated funds and necessities to the local orphanage in Yerevan.

Majorel Armenia

#Feelgood at Majorel Armenia

The Feel Good Program, Majorel’s global wellbeing & engagement program, plays an immense role in our daily life. Our initiatives mainly focus on the welfare of the Body, Mind, and Soul. In Majorel Armenia, our colleagues enjoy exciting activities, such as ice-cream and fruit days, yoga, skating & movie nights, but also, benefit from different learning and development programs.

Our Feel Good Community also organizes activities that enhance resilience within our team. During the country’s military conflict, healthcare professionals and psychologists worked with our team on how to build resilience against traumatic stressors at and outside work. This initiative is still in place today. Learn more about the Feel Good Program in Armenia here.

#OneMajorel Team: No Matter the Challenges

“Last year, we celebrated the 2nd Majorel anniversary with our +400 employees. They have demonstrated strong cohesion, resilience, and unity even in the most difficult times. We’re proud to be one of the top-performers and fast-growing teams and look forward to future expansion and achievements as #OneMajorel family in Armenia.” Gary Aghabekian, Country Director. Learn more about Gary here.

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