Andreea's story, IT support in Berlin

Andreea came to Berlin in March 2016. She studied computer science in Romania and decided to go and discover the world. Her first job in Germany was with us and she, luckily for us, never left. She worked in different projects for Majorel until she got the job in our local IT department in December 2017. The only words she knew in German back then were “Guten Tag” and the words for fork and spoon. She learned German quickly and she speaks it impressively well, we might add! She speaks several languages fluently and supports the team in all of them.

“We are all so different and work so well together nonetheless, you don’t see that everywhere. The team is very open and accepting. We can be sincere, but also have a lot of fun together. They disrupt my work every single second and make my work more difficult but I like them all still”
We have no words to describe how valuable she is for our team! Without her support, we would oftentimes just go up in hot air. She replies to the most ridiculous questions as well as the most difficult ones with the same politeness and sincerity. She always laughs and smiles, no matter how much work she has. We all love Andreea to bits and would not want, but also cannot be without her for even one day! 😉

She is an absolute gem to have working with us! <3

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