Colombia in spotlight 

Majorel in Colombia: History & Key Figures 

We opened our first office in the city of Bucaramanga. In 2020, we opened our second office in Barranquilla and currently, our teams across these two cities bring together +2000 amazing employees from all parts of the world. Our colleagues in Colombia deliver top customer support, tech support, and content moderation services, serving global brands from the E-commerce, Transportation, Manufacturing industries among others.  

See our office in Barranquilla here and in Bucaramanga here.  

Colombia Spotlight

Corporate Responsibility Actions Across Colombia 

As in other Majorel locations across the world, we take responsibility toward the environment and the local communities. Our team often unites efforts to support the local communities with different social or economic needs. As part of our global Corporate Responsibility (CR) framework, our colleagues in Colombia collaborated with the FundaciónBanco de Alimentos in Bucaramanga, a non-profit organization that supports the most vulnerable communities with the aim of improving their quality of life. This initiative brought together our colleagues from different countries, such as Spain and Portugal. Read more about the regional solidarity campaign here.  

Colombia Spotlight

#Feelgood at Majorel Colombia 

We find numerous ways to cheer up our workdays.  In Colombia, our colleagues take part in photography and costume contests, office get-togethers and other celebrations. Spa & gym membership or health & wellness initiatives are also part of our local Feel Good Program. Our team members in Colombia are also welcomed to take part in various learning and development courses and further master their language and soft skills. 

Colombia in Spotlight 

#OneMajorel – Sharing Common Objectives 

“Our objective is to keep growing our team across the Latin American region. In Colombia, we found the ideal people and the ground to flourish. This success is the result of the efforts and determination of our amazing employees. Our #OneMajorel team shares common objectives, regardless of the role or department we belong to. We lay the foundation for our sustainable growth and development in Colombia, and look forward to further successes,” says  Jaime Galaz, Operations Director at Majorel Latin America. 

If you consider joining our team, explore our vacancies in Colombia and in other 30+ Majorel locations around the world here 

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