This campaign aims at putting a spotlight on the real stories about jobs & careers within Majorel. In this interview, we dig deep into the world of Loredana Alexe, Service Delivery Manager at Majorel Romania.

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Tell us about your career at Majorel.

Currently, I am a Service Delivery Manager for a team of +500 content moderators at Majorel Romania – Brasov. And this team is even bigger, we are many teams spread across different Majorel locations, such as Georgia, India, Morocco and Germany, to name just a few.  Most of the team is now working from home and the challenges we face are not few. Like everyone else, we struggle between missing social gatherings and reaching the targeted performance levels, while working with some of the people we’ve never met face to face. What makes us different is the unique contribution this team brings to the digital world. Nowadays, online social media platforms play a decisive role in the way people understand and express themselves. Every post we see online is either an ode of joy and friendship or a cry for help and attention. In the era of digitalization and information, the risk of spreading harmful content has been increased. Therefore, the job of a content moderator has become more and more important when trying to keep the social media platforms clean and safe.

What does a Content Moderator job really mean?

My team moderates the content on one of the most popular and widely spread platforms in the world. Recently, technology has massively evolved and in this role, the moderator is supported by scripts and automatization. At the end of the day, however, it is a human eye or ear that can understand the hidden harmful hate speech, bulling statements and all variations of negative influences. So, where the technology has still to learn, the people come to help. And there is room for development for the people. In our company, to get to a middle management and further to upper management is determined by how hard you work and how much you prove yourself capable of doing it. I can proudly say that, counting out few exceptions, 95% of our employees now in the management positions have been promoted internally from the team of moderators. The great majority of them started out just like me – entry level Customer Service Representatives in Content Moderation.

What are the real challenges of a Content Moderator?

I believe that working in a Content Moderation business line is not for everyone. It is for those who care about the world they live in; for those who need money and flexibility to finish their studies; for those who came from industries that suffered because of the pandemic; for those who won’t give up moving forward. And ultimately this job is for those with strong will and character.

In this team, you can meet students who have just started their career journey, people who have closed their restaurants, DJ’s, event planners, taxi drivers, working parents who need to prove they can provide for their families and people with as diverse backgrounds as one can only imagine.

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