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In this article, we look at Judy’s career path at Majorel and how she contributed to forming and nurturing our team in Kenya. Judy has been part of our local team in Kenya since we opened our first office in Nairobi, in 2020. She started as an Operations Manager and soon got promoted to be a Service Delivery Manager. Judy is an enthusiastic team player, a great leader, and a valuable member of our local and international #OneMajorel team.

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Tell us about the history of our company and our team in Kenya.

In 2020, we formed a small, yet resourceful team locally in Nairobi. It was a year full of challenges, but we’ve managed to bring amazing people together in the face of the heated pandemic and all the uncertainties it had brought. We’ve conducted proper trainings to our team and fully equipped our employees with the right skills, tools, and knowledge to deliver excellent customer experiences for our clients.

How did you overcome challenges?

Here, I should definitely mention the support we have received from our colleagues in Romania and India in these difficult times. By sharing their best practices and know-how, they equipped us with the right tools and knowledge on how to handle the challenges and make our team successful in Kenya. We kept pace with the new reality and moved to the hybrid work model fairly quickly. Thanks to our joint efforts, our team has expanded and currently we have more than 900 employees in Nairobi.

Tell us about your current responsibilities as a Service Delivery Manager.

Along with the growth of our team, grew the scope of my responsibilities. Currently, I work in tandem with four Operations Managers. I make sure that the services are seamlessly and efficiently delivered to our clients. I respond to client concerns and oversee the overall service delivery quality. This means that I’m in charge of variety of tasks such as leading a team, meeting operational KPI’s, monitoring progress, and managing budget, among others.

Do you have any message to our #OneMajorel team?

Absolutely! I would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing local team and also our colleagues around the world. Our story in Kenya is a great example of how we have adapted, developed, and grown more resilient, thanks to everyone involved. We prove every day that there are no limits to what we can accomplish as #OneMajorel team.

Do you have any career advice for young people?

This is to all the young people who are just starting their careers: don’t wait for opportunities – create them. Live your life with enthusiasm and curiosity. The road to success may be full of challenges and uncertainties, but what life has taught me is that vigor, dedication, and hard work do pay off.

We are very happy and proud that Judy found her way into our team! If you are also looking to expand your horizon and start a career in regional or global positions at Majorel, check our vacancies here. Connect with our local team in Kenya on social media here: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

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