From Intern in Georgia to Investor Relations Analyst in the Netherlands

Today’s story is about Elene Kakhniashvili and her six-year career path within our #OneMajorel team. She joined the organization in Tbilisi, Georgia as an intern, back in 2016 and since then, took every opportunity to advance in her career. Elene changed several roles and responsibilities within the team in Georgia, relocated to Germany where she pursued her studies along her job, and finally, ended up in our headquarter office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as an Investor Relations Analyst. As she recalls, “Majorel has always been a part of my journey, starting from Georgia, then in Germany, and now in the Netherlands”.

In this interview, Elene tells her story about how she got where she is today, what helped her advance her career, and what she values the most from her time at Majorel.

Watch the video with Elene and find out more about her #lifeatMajorel.

Which skills helped you to advance in your career?

Working for a company for six years in various locations and roles gives you a unique perspective on how to do your job, how to treat people, and definitely – how not to treat people. Building right relationships is the key and I have gained lifelong relationships at Majorel. Also, I think, my openness and curiosity allowed me to be here today. I never stopped exploring, growing and moving towards my goals. I hope, one day I will be able to pass on the support, knowledge, and opportunities I was given at Majorel, when I most needed.

How would you describe your six-year career journey with Majorel?

It has been a journey of constant adventures and opportunities. During these years, I took on some roles which did not match my educational background as a former Law School student, but I grabbed every opportunity along the way, knowing that one day I would “get there”. Our journeys are different at Majorel, but what unites us as #OneMajorel team is our drive to go further.

Let’s go back at the very beginning. What made you decide to apply at Majorel?

I was doing my internship in the German Business Association in Tbilisi, when I first heard about a new international company entering Georgia. I had heard only positive stories about the company from people who already worked there, so I decided to try my chances. I was eager to join the company where I could work in an international environment, meet people I could learn from, and start creating my career. I joined the team and became one of the very first employees in our newly opened office in Tbilisi.

How did your career evolve later?

In the meantime, I started my MBA in Tbilisi and also, got promoted to a Corporate Paralegal within the Georgian team. In this role, I was mostly responsible for the local legal matters. After four challenging, yet fruitful years in this position, I realized that it was time to try something new. I applied for studies at the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg to gain knowledge in the Capital Markets Law. My decision has paved my way to where I am today, in the Investor Relations team at Majorel in Amsterdam.

How would you describe your current role within the Investor Relations team?

Since 2021, Majorel is a publicly listed company, which makes it important to have a dedicated team overseeing Investor Relations. Our team provides information to our existing and potential investors on Majorel’s financial and business performance. We are also responsible for conducting market analysis, understanding industry trends, providing updates to the public, and staying on top of market regulatory requirements, among other responsibilities. It is a crucial role which needs to serve as a liaison between Majorel and the investment community.

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We could not be happier to have Elene within our global diverse team – no matter in which part of the world!

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