One of the best things about a global team is that wherever you are looking for a new challenge, there are countless chances, cities, and countries to move to. Ourania saw a chance and she grabbed it, many times over. Just like many of our employees, she started as a Customer Service Representative in Muenster, Germany in 2017. She then moved to Berlin, where she took a job as a Content Moderator in one of our social media projects for the Greek Market. Her kind heart and positive character easily made her one of the favorites within the local team. Recognizing her potential, she was quickly promoted to the Subject Matter Expert position and then later became a Trainer. After some time, she decided to move back to her homeland, Greece. Majorel Berlin’s loss was Majorel Greece’s win. Now she is the Office Manager in our new office in Thessaloniki, Greece.

We’ve heard of her recent move to our Greece office and could not miss the chance to talk to one of the coolest globe trotters within our global community. Let’s hear what she has to say.

Ourania testimonial

How did you find out about Majorel and what drew you to apply?

Majorel, back then still called Arvato, was the company that brought me to Muenster, Germany. When my husband moved to Berlin, I applied for a position as a Customer Care Agent in Majorel Berlin, hoping that I could be transferred. I called and said “Hi, I am Ourania. I work with the team in Muenster and I applied for a position in your city. I really want to work for you, please give me a chance.” And they did. I had an interview and got the position of Social Media Content Moderator.

How did your career evolve within Majorel?

I was a Customer Service Representative in Majorel Berlin for almost 10 months, when I got promoted to the position of a Subject Matter Expert. I was more like a market coach, responsible for the quality performance of approximately 25 agents. After 9 months, I applied and got the position of a Trainer. Having studied Greek Philology and Education that was a dream job for me because I could finally use my training and mentoring skills. I’ve gained a lot in this position and met people from all around the world. I was in contact with our client and tried my best to help new hires to learn the best way possible, and tenured agents to get upskilled in a smooth way. At some point, I felt that I gave everything I had to give, and it was time to move on to something new and more challenging. The option to move back to Greece came up and I looked once again if there was any possibility to stay in the company. And Majorel was there for me, once again! I applied for this position, and put my full strength and motivation in the interview. They recognized my potential and passion to grow and develop in this company, and here I am!

What are your current responsibilities as an Office Manager?

Organizing information flow management, supplying the personnel of the company with tools and equipment, ensuring technical operation of the office, and also organizing job-related travel – these are some of my daily responsibilities. Additionally, I assist our management, as well as all other departments wherever needed to ensure that all contracts, bills, papers, and processes are in order. Not only the organizational tasks are at my hands, but I also get to organize company events.

What skills helped you moving forward with your career?

My interpersonal and communicating skills helped me a lot! All roles I’ve had were not only costumer oriented but human centric as well.

What is your biggest professional learning?

I’ve learnt that with willingness, passion, patience, and perseverance you can achieve your goals. You do not necessarily need Master’s degrees or PHD’s, you need to work and show that you are a hardworking person with commitment and trustworthiness.

What is one project you’re most proud of?

I am proud of the work I did within the project at Majorel Berlin. Now I am very excited and honored to be part of our new, growing team in Thessaloniki. I am so thrilled to be part of the entire expansion process, from the very first day when we put the first brick in the wall in our office. I’ve been involved in designing our office, ordering the furniture, and getting our first clients and external associates.

What makes you #FeelGood at Majorel?

What I’ve always loved about Majorel is how safe I felt. Feeling safe and valued, is the key for doing your best. I always had a work life balance, and my previous manager made me see it. I set priorities without feeling lost because I know that my company will show understanding and compassion. And this makes me feel good! Okay, fruits and coffee also make me feel good. 😀  Outside of work, I enjoy travelling and getting lost in books – as Voltaire said “Let us read and let us dance, these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”

Do you have any advice for young people who are just starting their careers?

Don’t discriminate against any opportunity that presents itself just because it is outside of your wheelhouse. During my lifetime, I have been presented with lots of opportunities, and I have learned to never judge any opportunity too soon. You never know what it could mean in the future. It can be a stepping stone to your future successes. Just keep in mind, if you deliver excellence, you will be awarded. 😉

Ourania truly is a lovely spirit and those who had the pleasure of working with her all remember her as such. Her smile brightens any room, and we could not be happier to have her within our team – no matter where in the world it will take her next. We wish her all the best in her new position. A loss for one team, is a gain for the next team.

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