Since we celebrated Earth Day last year, our teams have continuously shown their creativity, engagement, and care for the environment. As a global company, with a significant geographic footprint and a rapidly growing workforce, we take our responsibilities towards our people, society, and the environment seriously. These values are reflected in Majorel’s four-pillar approach to Corporate Responsibility (CR) one of which is the environment and the support for local communities. All organizations, and all individuals have an impact on the environment, which is why it is important to raise awareness and get involved through local initiatives as well as global ones. In this article, you’ll find out about some of the initiatives and actions our teams across the world take in support of sustainability and the environment. 

#Feelgood Welcome Kit

Throughout the last year, we planned, produced, and handed out new welcome kits to more than 6,000 employees from Germany and Eastern Europe. Besides welcoming our team, our top priority was to be environmentally friendly. Our team members now have reusable mugs and bottles to reduce the environmental footprint in everyday life. Furthermore, the box itself is eco-friendly. The mugs are from 100% recyclable materials and BPA free; the bottle is made from glass and is also recyclable. The bag is made from organic cotton and even the print colors are eco certified. Recycled paper that has been used for the notebooks and the box it all came in are just as recyclable.

Majorel's Be Green Initiative 

Every year, our teams from all over the world come together to raise awareness on climate change and environmental protection and contribute to the goal of climate neutrality. From October 14 to November 12, Majorel’s “Be Green” environmental initiative took place under the motto “Act green, live healthy: Climate neutrality 2030 – only with you!” 

At the heart of the initiative was an interactive world map on which all employees could enter their own personal contribution to climate protection on the online world map at their respective location. Colleagues from all over the world took part with their own personal contributions. We could not be prouder of all the things our teams are doing, in order to preserve planet Earths resources. Some of the most popular choices people make in their lives are not using cars, buying less meat and only regional products or avoiding plastic packaging. Majorel Germany planted 1000 trees in cooperation with Primaklima e.V., keeping their promise to plant a tree per commitment made.  

In addition, in many offices, Be Green Weeks took place to raise awareness locally. Some of our teams have introduced gardens, planted flowers to support bees and built insect hotels around their offices. More strides have been made in making our offices more sustainable and people have come together to learn more about recycling, trash separation, and living more sustainably together.  

Earth Day in 2022 

Our teams never rest when it comes to new initiatives, striving to improve every day. Earth Day is every day for our teams. We would like to highlight just a couple of the countless initiatives globally.  

Majorel Italy 

To reinforce our commitment to sustainability and reduce our impact on the environment, we adopted 15 trees spread across 4 different countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon and Haiti) via “Treedom”. They have absorbed 2.29 tons of CO2. The Treedom Project has two objectives: to protect the environment and to support the communities in which the trees are planted. The project is run in partnership with local NGOs and the farmers’ cooperatives. Read more about the initiative here. 

Majorel Berlin 

The Majorel Berlin team has also been busy. With Earth Week coming up, they have already started to sprout vegetables for the team in the office. Also, they have given countless plants in the office a new lease on life, making the office a greener and welcoming place to enjoy every day. The bee garden on the terrace is already sprouting again with fruit trees, flowers, herbs, and tons of strawberries, which the team can enjoy soon.  

Majorel Colombia (Barranquilla) 

On April 25th, for Earth Day, our colleagues in Barranquilla came together to raise awareness on the importance of the preservation of nature. They sowed plants, which will not only help insects, but also the environment. One plant at a time, we work tirelessly to make our contributions.  

Majorel Georgia 

Earth day

As part of the Feel Good Program, our colleagues take part in gardening workshops to raise awareness of current environmental challenges, to promote sustainability and to learn growing plants of different kinds. Through this initiative, our team aims to remind others that even small steps can make a difference.  

Read here about our CR actions for Earth Day in 2021.  

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