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In this interview, you will meet one of the everyday heroes of Majorel and know more about their missions and superpowers through the lens of Moris. He joined our team as a Customer Service Representative for one of our global E-commerce brands. With his open mind, friendly personality, and enthusiastic outlook on life, Moris was immediately welcomed within our #OneMajorel team.

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Describe a day in the life of a Customer Service Representative (CSR).

My job mainly involves supporting customers over the phone, chat or email and solving their problems and / concerns related to online shopping. Whether they need to place, change, or track their orders, we make the entire shopping experience smooth and comfortable for our customers. I enjoy my role as a problem-solver. I always know how to find the right words when approaching customers with different needs. I am a good listener and always make sure all their concerns are heard, acted upon, and resolved. My job requires dedication, hard work, discipline and most of all, empathy. At the same time, it’s very rewarding. Every day, you get the gratifying feeling to know that you’ve helped someone.

Moris’s personality and story inspired us to build a virtual character, as part of Majorel’s campaign, Everyday Heroes of Majorel. The campaign aims at showing the real people and their real daily tasks at Majorel through animated storytelling.

What personal qualities do you find important to complete your daily missions as a CSR?

To make your customers happy, you should master soft skills, such as: communication, empathy, and active listening, among others. You should be, just like I am, the person who enjoys human interactions and being in touch with different people around the world. Apart from these skills, it’s very important to work in a supportive environment, with a driven team. Luckily, I have great colleagues with whom I overcome challenges, exchange ideas, go out for lunch, make jokes during the breaks, and cheer up our workdays.

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Moris on Everyday Heroes of Majorel Campaign

I was surprised and proud to find out that I was chosen as one of the Everyday Heroes of Majorel. When the first video featuring my character was released on social media, one of our colleagues wrote in comments that “we are all Moris” and I agree with her. My character represents all heroes of Majorel and celebrates their amazing superpower of helping others.

Everyday heroes of Majorel

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