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Content Moderators make the internet safer for everyone and keep us away from harmful content every day. Acknowledging their efforts for this common good, we proudly call them the Everyday Heroes of Majorel. Meet Mary and get to know more about her job and life as a Content Moderator at Majorel.  

mary - everyday heroes

Based on Mary’s personality, we’ve built a virtual character as part of Majorel’s campaign, Everyday Heroes of Majorel. The campaign depicts our employees and their daily tasks through animated storytelling.

everyday heroes of Majorel

What is the main mission of Content Moderators? 

We, as Content Moderators, review user-generated content on different social media platforms. We play a key role in shaping social media by ensuring that all posts are aligned with the respective community standards of the platform. It is our task to check the platforms’ policies and regulations and apply them to what we see. This can entail removing or flagging potentially offensive and harmful content. At the end of the day, we make sure that social media platforms remain a safe and enjoyable place for all users. 

What makes your job important?  

Users can freely upload anything on their social media profiles and sometimes they share content that might not align with community standards. From bullying of users to potentially harmful content such as the sharing of private information, identity theft, to spreading hate online, to just name a few; we check reported content to see if they contain any violations, ensuring that the platforms remain safe for the users. I think what makes my job important is its essence and the huge impact it has on the general well-being of people. 

Which skills do you find important for your job? 

This job requires language and communication skills on which we constantly work on improving. We take part in various workshops and attend seminars to strengthen our professional skills and also, to develop our mental health by building resilience when dealing with sensitive content. Apart from the professional skills, most importantly, a Content Moderator needs cultural and political understanding. Just because we are all different, what might be offensive to one, might not be for the other. This is why it is very important to follow the community guidelines and be able to apply them to the content on social media. As a Content Moderator, you need to be able to contextualize and read between the lines. You need to have a sharp eye and a solid judgment to discern good from bad and to act accordingly.  

How does your job make the internet safer for vulnerable groups such as teenagers and children?

The internet has blurred the lines among different countries and people. Nowadays, it’s a place where people of all age groups, backgrounds, and social layers interact and share content. Therefore, it can sometimes be dangerous, especially for children and teenagers. My job involves identification and prevention of threats, such as hate speech and bullying on social media, just like in the campaign video. 

What do you enjoy outside of work?  

My job requires hard work and attention, yet, at the same time, it gives me enough flexibility and time for myself. No matter how busy it gets, I always find ways to detach from work in the evening and relax. I enjoy exploring new places and painting. During weekends, my friends and I often go camping outside of the city.  

Did you have any prior experience in Content Moderation before joining Majorel? 

My friend recommended Majorel and I applied for this job as a graduate student in Business Technologies. I didn’t have any prior experience, just a good command of languages and the desire to work in an international company. My character and curiosity led me to this job and luckily, it became a stepping stone into my future growth and development.  

Mary on Everyday Heroes of Majorel Campaign 

I was surprised and happy to be chosen as one of the Everyday Heroes of Majorel. This campaign serves a great purpose to inform the world about our efforts for this common good. I think it’s important for people to also get educated on how to report harmful content or fake news on social media. I encourage everyone to check the community guidelines of each platform and always act accordingly. 

Everyday heroes of Majorel

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