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We, at Majorel, create amazing customer experiences that people value, and we are proud of. No matter the problem, we come to the rescue with the most suitable solutions. There’s a saying that goes: “not all heroes wear capes”, and we will add to say that sometimes they can wear a pair of headsets and a badge. In this interview, you will know more about the everyday heroes of Majorel, their missions, and their superpowers through the lens of Gaga.

Gaga everyday heroes of Majorel

Gaga joined Majorel as a Tech Support Agent in 2020. With his sharp mind and enthusiasm, he proved himself to be a great team player and a valuable member of our team. Gaga is one of the everyday heroes of Majorel. His personality and story inspired us to build a virtual character, as part of Majorel’s campaign, Everyday Heroes of Majorel. The campaign aims at showing the real people and their stories at Majorel through animated storytelling.

Gaga Heroes of Majorel

Majorel is a mosaic of countries, cultures, and people with individual backgrounds and stories. Gaga on Gaga:

We are all different at Majorel, yet one team with the same goals and aspirations. I think, my background further reinforces this point. I got education in Economy, but I’ve changed different professions: I was passionate about Graphic Design and, in parallel to my other duties, was taking design projects. I’m a big fan of wine and wine culture, so I’ve worked in the Wine industry for a while as well. My life is paved with different adventures and experiences, and I always take them with joy.

Describe a day in the life of a Tech Support Agent.

As Tech Support Agents, we make sure technology is easily understandable and functional for everyone. Every day, we support customers with different tech-related issues and / or inquiries. Once we receive a request, we reach out to the customer over the phone, chat or email. First, we always try to understand the person and why they reached out to diagnose the problem. Based on that we provide suitable technical solutions, and make sure the customer is happy. Then we move on to the next quest. Whether a simple problem such as recovering deleted images, or a more complex one related to system updates, we are always there to give a helping hand. And, often times, we become the life savers for our customers.

Watch the video and follow Gaga on his daily quest into the Majorel world.

Every day, you interact with people with different needs and problems. What skills do you consider most important to deliver top customer experiences in High Tech?

I was trained by amazing Trainers and Coaches. They are always there to support our new employees from their very first days at Majorel. From my experience, I’d highlight, empathy, patience, and the ability to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. There are different problems, different levels of understanding the technology, and different people. You need to know how to approach them individually and each time, provide the best possible solutions. At the end of the day, what brings me joy and fulfilment is seeing the customers happy.

Everyday heroes of Majorel

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