Our women in leadership inspire, empower and pave the way for young professionals to thrive. They lead by example and build a culture of trust and accountability across Majorel locations around the globe. In this interview, Małgorzata Żuchowska, Country Head at Majorel Poland reflects back to her career path and shares her wisdom and expertise on what it takes to be a leader of a rapidly growing team within a global company. 

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Małgorzata Żuchowska, Country Head at Majorel Poland

  1. Please start by telling us about your story within Majorel?

I joined Majorel Poland in 2011 as a Deputy Director and I was responsible for clients from the domestic Polish market. I would describe the first two years of my job as ‘testing ground’. During these years, along my invincible team, I was working on improving operations, the quality of services and the finances for the biggest domestic client. I can say that these two extremely challenging, but successful and very gratifying years, have taught me almost everything about the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) world. In 2013, I was promoted to Contact Center Director for the domestic market. After 2 years, I took additional responsibilities for nearshore clients, becoming also the Managing Director for APS, a daughter company. I had this role until 2018, when I moved to another city and left Majorel for one year. Soon after, I came back to Majorel as a Senior Director Operations. After a few months, my responsibilities grew and was promoted to Country Head at Majorel Poland. I am currently responsible for 11 clients and 3,500 employees.

  1. Please describe briefly a regular working day as a Country Head in Majorel Poland

I would divide my main responsibilities into 3 key areas: clients, employees and processes. Regarding the clients, existing and prospect, my focus is set on business development (pricing, preparing sales offers/presentations, sales meetings, operations and quality challenges, overhead team building, e.t.c.). As for the employees, I focus on supporting and developing the Polish team, making sure we are in contact on a daily basis, solving problems, making decisions, and generating ideas together.

The last but not the least, processes. This is the area for which I need to fight for the dedicated time every day. This belongs to the so called ‘important but not urgent’ topics. I plan special time slots in my calendar to work on process improvements. I strive to create standards which will make our business more profitable, thanks to ‘simplicity and clarity, which are the best allies of effectiveness’.

  1. Our company was rebranded two years ago. How would you describe these past two years in Majorel Poland and what do you wish for in the future?

I would describe these years as challenging, yet fantastic! All the obstacles on the road have grown us wiser, stronger and more resilient as one team; Just like our company slogan – Driven to go Further – pushing us to the limits which we would never have expected for ourselves. I look forward to further success, growth and development of our team and, in turn, of our company for the future: happy clients, giving us 100% NPS; happy employees who say ‘Majorel is the best company to work with’; and minimum 10% ROS.

  1. Managing such a large organisation can be stressful at times. How do you relax? How do you like to spend your free time?

Whenever I have free time, I enjoy running, reading, singing, opera, choir listening, traveling and walking along the seaside.

  1. What are the projects that you enjoy the most in your current position?

I enjoy everything that leads to improving the status quo and that brings the highest value to our company. So, together with my excellent team, we catch every business opportunity which we see on our journey together with great enthusiasm. I like working with clients on new sales cases and I also enjoy working with my team on process improvements.

  1. How would you describe in a sentence what diversity means to you? And how do you see the future when it comes to diversity in the workplace?

For me diversity means expressing oneself in a way which allows us to grow and feel happy. I believe the future belongs to the companies and their leaders who treat others the way they would like to be treated.

  1. We know you’re married and have children. How do you manage being a mom and a Country Head?

Yes, I have a husband and two grown up children: a son Karol (24) and a daughter Anna (22). For me being a mom is an absolutely wonderful experience and combining it with the work I truly love is a true blessing. My family supported me at each and every step of my professional life.

  1. Let’s touch on the work-life balance for women. From your experience, what advice would you give to women who aspire to build a successful career and still live a happy and healthy life?

Every day, remind yourself about the priorities of your life and don’t set too high standers for yourself. Sometimes you should accept ‘good enough’ as the outcome of your work and input.

  1. Besides the regular skills we know a leader should possess, are there any extra ones a woman should master in order to succeed?

In my opinion, there is only one thing that differs women managers from men managers – women are more emotional. So, if you constantly work on improving your emotional intelligence – the rest you’ve already got covered.

  1. What would you advise young women in Poland who would like to achieve professional success?

This is to all the women who aspire to succeed – believe in yourself. Always have a ‘can do’ attitude. Seek out a job which you will love and bring your energy, passion and enthusiasm to your work every day. Just as the old saying by Confucius: ‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.’

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