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Around a multitude of Majorel sites, or Feel Good Community Ambassadors represent the voice of employee and they organize engagement and wellbeing activities targeting the Body, Mind and Soul and support our communities to thrive at their jobs.

In our Berlin office, as part of the Feel Good Program by Majorel we have recruited from the agent and middle management population 6 Feel Good Community Ambassadors! We are happy to share share their stories with you as they embark on this very special journey of being the voice of our employees in Berlin and shape our future by continuously improving and caring about the people.


Mohamad is from Damascus in Syria. In our office in Berlin he is part of the Arabic Market. He has worked in retail with many fashion brands as a store manager in Dubai and Egypt before and brings with him experience in marketing and sales and a business oriented mindset. Since he started working with us in April 2019, he has been one of the most active attendees in our community events and was always involved in making new ideas come to life. We are beyond excited to have him on the team!
He says, “I am so happy to work with amazing people every day. It is nice to work with colleagues from different cultures and nationalities. With Majorel we are making a difference in the World, for that reason the Feel Good Community Ambassador Program is an opportunity for me to make a difference, to take part actively in making the activities and events for our community come to life. Together we can do great things!”

Ipek is part of the Turkish Market and has been working in the company for 2 years. She has a background in environmental planning and ecology, therefore she is very well connected to nature. With the passion for nature come many outdoorsy hobbies such as scuba diving, swimming, biking, and trekking. She also likes yoga and freediving. She is a total adventurer. Working in the Feel Good Community Ambassador Team she wants to connect different people from all markets and wants to make all Majorel employees feel more comfortable, happier, and valuable in mind, body, and soul. She wants to contribute to the organization and the planning of community get-together’s as well as in making these special events more visible.
She is such an amazing, fun loving and creative person, always coming up with ideas. It´s beautiful to see how excited she is to work in this team and we can´t wait for all of her ideas get shape and form. We love to have Ipek on the team!

Farhad works with us in the Persian Market and is known to be very cheerful and is always involved with organizing team activities. Being one of the most avid users of our kicker tables, he has many plans to get team competitions going and we couldn´t be more excited!
He describes himself as a cinephile, who stands against all the Star Wars movies. He is eager to have deep talks much more than small talks. And with his eye for details, we are to expect great things from him being a member of the Feel Good Community Ambassador team. We are so happy he decided to join us!

Mohammad is a basketball coach and a great chef! He started working with us in February 2016 in the Arabic Market and has since then been involved in many of the Feel Good activities. We all remember him and a few more singing for us in our Christmas Musical Break and dancing for our International Week Cultural Break! He is always one to speak up when it comes to organizing something! 🙂
He says, “I love team work, and having fun with the team. I am a very good sweets baker and I’ll entertain all of you with my fantastic sweets. Also, I have a pretty lovely dog!”
We are all very happy to have you on board!

Denisa works with us in the Romanian Market. She is one to always greet everyone with the biggest smile and already organized many community activities in her market. She is a massive car enthusiast and very excited to be part of the Feel Good Community Ambassador team. In fact she had 4 pages of notes ready in her interview, prepared to hit us with all of her great initiatives. And great ideas those are!
She says, “I’m a person who likes to communicate, studying at the University of Languages and Literature from Timisoara. I love to give everything in supporting the community and give as much as I can to do more for the people working in this company.”
We are beyond excited to have her on the team! 🙃

Last but by far not least! Welcome to the Feel Good Community Ambassador team Anna! ❤
Anna is a member of the Greek Market in our team and always puts a lot of effort into team events.
For Halloween she was part of the amazing decorations team in our building! It looked so spooky and cool! Many have had the pleasure of trying her baked goods before and I’m sure there will be more of it in the future! She is a great communicator, creative, enthusiastic, and above all has organizational skills! What else could we possibly ask for? She says, “I enjoy spending my time baking and cooking. I like taking care of my plants or any plants. And I love coffee!”
We are beyond excited to have her on the team!

The Feel Good Program is an initiative by Majorel and the Feel Good Community represents our way of empowering people to drive the success of our company, the wellbeing of our people and the tailored, bottom up wellbeing programs targeting the Body, Mind and Soul of our people and the communities we work in.

More on the Feel Good Program here.

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