This year, we celebrate an exciting milestone – the first anniversary of our Feel Good Program globally. We started out more than 2 years ago in Berlin, from where the program spread to Europe and today, hundreds of Majorel employees benefit from this initiative and are actively contributing to how we improve our workplace. Let’s look back to some of the initiatives that made us feel good last year and share the words of appreciation to our amazing Feel Good Community globally.

All year round, our Feel Good Community Ambassadors were carrying out different initiative to make our work environments more vibrant, productive, and engaging. But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself:

The idea & key facts

The Feel Good Program is our global wellbeing and engagement program which is already rolled out in 17 countries: Germany, Romania, Estonia, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Georgia, Italy, India, Peru, Canada, Armenia, Malaysia, Philippines, Mexico, US (and many more to come). The program is specially designed to meet the support needs of our people and based on their interests, goals, and wishes build a happier and healthier work environment. The program is divided into 4 main pillars: Body, Mind, Soul and Support. Our Feel Good Community is growing fast and currently we have +60 Feel Good Community Ambassadors, 26 Feel Good Managers, and +160 Wellbeing & Resiliency Coaches.

Feel Good Body

Sport and nutrition based activities represent just some of the initiatives our Feel Good Community carries out to keep us healthy. When our body is healthy we have more energy, feel happier and deliver better results. Healthy body = Healthy mind!

Feel Good Mind

One of the most defining human traits is curiosity. The Feel Good Community works closely with our Learning & Development and HR teams to offer trainings and programs to improve, learn and develop us both professionally and personally.

Feel Good Soul

One task on the Feel Good Community agenda is also to encourage and support productive activities driven by individual passions and nurture creativity. One main goal of this pillar is to give back to local communities by actively involving our people in our company’s Corporate Responsibility initiatives.

Feel Good Support

Integration, onboarding, relocation support, and healthcare are just some of the areas our Feel Good Community supports us throughout the year.

Feel good

A big thank you to our amazing Feel Good Community from all over the world for constantly cheering up our workdays, no matter whether we worked from home or at the office!

Over the last year, the Feel Good Program developed and so did we as #OneMajorel team. We look forward to starting the new cycle of the program and hope that the new beginning will bring new great ideas. While our ideas and feedback will drive positive changes at Majorel.

Read more about the Feel Good Program here.

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