In this article, we look at the career path of our first official Feel Good Manager, Laura Dorsam. She joined Majorel as a Content Moderator in one of our busiest multilingual hubs in Berlin. She got immersed within our team and company culture right away and soon became the Employee Advisor for the local team. After one year of working towards putting the basis of the Feel Good Program, she became the first Feel Good Manager at Majorel. Over the last 2 years, our Feel Good Community has grown and developed, currently consisting of more than 100 Feel Good Community Ambassadors from 15 Majorel locations around the world.

First Feel Good Manager

Let us hear the story on how it all began from Laura.

“I have worked in many truly diverse jobs before I got to Majorel. I have traveled. I lived and worked abroad. After years of working, while trying to write my Master thesis, I was looking only for a temporary job. I stumbled upon a job in Content Moderation. When I handed my thesis in, the Employee Relations Advisor position was put up and it fit like a glove to me and my previous experiences.

I got the job and can now proudly say that the position has since very much changed and came to be what it is today – a job as diverse as it can get. It has many facets, demands a lot of flexibility, but also offers just as much. It is a job that allows me to be creative, sensitive, inquisitive, quiet, and loud. It is a constant battle between the occasional introvert in me and the extrovert that I can also be.

Communication and employee engagement are two of the main pillars of this position and are the ones I enjoy the most. I support all my colleagues, regardless of department or position with their daily struggles: getting settled in Berlin, working their way through visa issues, making calls and translations. As a German native speaker, having traveled and worked in other countries before, I am familiar with most of their troubles and obstacles. It helps that I know my way around the German jungle of bureaucracy. I support our colleagues wherever my support is needed. They meet me on their first day in the company and I will, in one way or another, be a part of their life at work and beyond.

This position allows me to reinvent and shape my workspace in my area of influence and make it suit us as a team. I love that it allows me to work closely with all departments and people to have the best outcome. I believe that this is the only way we can move forward and get better as #OneTeam.

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