In this interview, meet Alexandru Cogalniceanu, or Coga – as everybody calls him. Coga has an amazing career and, also, an incredible personality. He is a go-to person at work, a beloved dad at home, and a real adventurer: he used to be a professional pilot, flying over the clouds for 5 years! Just like many of our employees, Coga started out in an entry-level position, as a Customer Service Agent in Romania, in 2010, being one of the first employees in our new site. After changing several roles and responsibilities throughout the years, Coga is now leading the IT Support Department of Majorel Eastern Europe.

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Tell us about your current job and responsibilities.

I strategize, implement, and lead the Information Technology services within Majorel in the Eastern European region, to ensure overall smooth operations, and thus, meet our business needs. I am also responsible for implementing new IT strategies for the new offices Majorel opens across and beyond the region I am responsible for. Overall, one of my biggest responsibilities is creating bonds among the local IT departments in other countries and ensuring their smooth and efficient cooperation.

What skills helped you move forward with your career at Majorel?

I’d single out problem-solving and adaptability. Sometimes working in IT looks like firefighting. For example, during an outage, in order to have the lowest impact on production for the shortest time possible, you need to take quick decisions and efficient actions. As for the second skill, adaptability is vital to keep up with the new era and technology.

Do you have a favorite moment to recall from your career?

I have great memories from different countries, as I’ve been involved in the openings of many of our offices around the world. I would highlight the opening of our office in Nairobi, Kenya in 2020. It was one of the most surprising experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve met amazing people in Nairobi who are wholeheartedly dedicated to work, friendly, warm, and welcoming. I remember the first day of the training when we all gathered in the same room, and everyone sang a prayer together. I am not a religious person, and even for me, the vibe was contagiously positive. Looking back, I’m proud to know the amazing people who have laid the foundation for our future accomplishments and successes in Kenya.

What’s your advice for young professionals?

From my experience, I’ve learned that a person should never stop gaining knowledge. Through constant learning and adaptability is how a person grows and matures into a professional. If I could give advice to my younger self, I would say, never limit yourself and try to push boundaries. Believe in yourself because all of us are capable of more than we think.

What is your moto in life?

I have 2 favorite ones. The first goes saying: ‘Prepare for the worst, hope for the best!’ while the second: ‘Don’t worry. Be happy.’

Let’s sing along with Bobby McFerrin together and end the interview on this positive note. 🙂

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