In this interview, you’ll meet Jesse Palomaki, Facility Coordinator at Majorel Amsterdam. He relocated from Finland to the Netherlands and, just like many of our employees, joined our team on an entry-level position, as a Customer Service Agent in 2019. With his bright mind, hard work, and enthusiasm, he proved himself immediately within our team and got a new role as a Facility Coordinator fairly quickly.

facility coordinator

Tell us about your current responsibilities.

As a Facility Coordinator, I am mainly responsible for shipping equipments to new agents working from home. We prepare shipments, organize agendas with couriers, and, in case someone quits a job, we also take care of property returns. In my role, it is important to work closely with HR to track and organize all the names and addresses of new hires. Organizing is a big part of my job.

What do you enjoy the most in your current job?  

Working with people and problem solving are two parts I enjoy the most in my current role. It is really nice to be able to work with people who are more like friends and not just colleagues, because when I worked as a Customer Service Representative, I used to mostly interact with customers.

What makes you #FeelGood at Majorel? 

My colleagues – the people that create a positive work environment, no matter whether working from home or at the office.

What's your advice for young people who are just starting their careers?  

Always keep your eyes open for new opportunities. Even when you are not sure if you are qualified or if it is a great fit for you, just send the application letter and give it a try. There is nothing you can lose.

What is your moto in life? 

Good enough, is good enough“. From my experience, a person shouldn’t worry too much over minor things, as there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ on this planet. Don’t ask yourself too much, learn how to accept good as it is, and move on to new challenges!

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