Another great year of green initiatives at Majorel! Seeing everything our global community is capable of, we know that together we can move mountains. For Earth Day 2023, we looked back and highlighted some of the green initiatives from our #OneMajorel team throughout the last year.

The responsibility towards our people, society, and the environment is a cornerstone of Majorel’s global strategy. Our five-pillar approach to Corporate Responsibility (CR) involves the environment and the local communities, in support of which we take actions continuously to shows our everlasting commitment, both socially and environmentally. We hope that we can inspire others to make a positive impact on planet Earth and the places around us as well.

#OneMajorel Supporting the Environment

Reducing Waste and Emission

We, at Majorel, are committed to minimize our use of materials and have active programs to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste. We take measures such as using renewable electricity, minimizing paper, and water use, and replacing single-use plastics with reusable alternatives, among others. To reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, Majorel fully transitioned all its electricity consumption to a renewable source. Also, we achieved a 43% reduction (in kilogramms) of paper per employee through our digital working strategy. One prominent example is our team’s sustainability effort in China. They installed power-efficient LED lights across three offices which can save up about 40% of electricity consumption compared to ordinary lights.

Majorel China earth day

The power-efficient LED lights in multiple Majorel offices across China

Planting Trees

In different parts of the world our colleagues took local and regional measures to fight against climate change, support environmental biodiversity, and protect the planet for future generations. One great initiative is the “Majorel’s Forest Campaign”, in which our colleagues in five countries have joined forces: Colombia, Italy, Peru, Portugal, and Spain. The teams planted 200+ trees and continuously support farming communities in collaboration with Treedom. The trees in the forest will absorb 49.75 tonnes of CO₂. Similar environmental activities have united our team members in Croatia, Egypt, India, and Morocco and together 1600+ trees were planted last year.

Earth day Majorel

The Majorel’s Forest Campaign

Environmental Clean-ups

Clean-Ups are one of the many effective ways to support our planet. To rid the environment of waste and plastic pollution, last year, our teams formed groups in Egypt, Georgia, and Morocco and volunteered to clean up various outdoor locations such as forests, natural reservoirs, and beaches. Their efforts helped to restore the natural beauty of these areas, reinstate natural habitats, and reduce the negative impact of human activity on local ecosystems.

Earth day

The clean-up initiatives in Morocco

Recycling and Sustainability

At Majorel, we know the importance of workplace sustainability. From recycling to garbage collection, our colleagues constantly strive to make our offices more environmentally friendly. As an example, last year, the team in Georgia created a Green Patrol Club to unite environmental activists within the team, raise awareness, and bring new green initiatives to life. The teams in Armenia and Egypt also joined forces locally and took measures to promote reusability and recycling.

Increasing Awareness and Changing Behavior

We are establishing goals to become a front runner in saving energy, reducing emissions, and continuously strive to improve our efforts to be environmentally conscious. Therefore, we hold workshops and campaigns across Majorel offices to raise awareness among our team members on pressing environmental issues such as recycling, trash separation, and plastic and air pollution, among others.

We are proud of our colleagues for making our offices more sustainable and the world around us greener!

For a detailed breakdown of our Corporate Responsibility (CR) efforts for 2022, stay tuned for the 2022 CR Report.

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