The environment and our shared passion towards the planet Earth bring out creativity within our teams around the world. In the past couple of years, Earth Day and other environmental initiatives have become beloved activities within many of our locations.

As a global company, with a significant geographic footprint and a rapidly growing workforce, we appreciate our responsibilities towards our people, society and the environment. These values are captured in Majorel’s four-pillar approach to Corporate Responsibility one of which is the environment and the support for global communities. All organisations, and all individuals have impact on the environment, which is why it is important to raise awareness and get involved through local initiatives.

Looking at the great initiatives our local teams have come up with, fills us with pride and inspires us on a daily basis to look for more ways to improve our environmental footprint.

In our offices in Münster and Berlin, the Feel Good teams organize Earth Weeks annually during which they run educational campaigns and build team activities around natural protection. Team members have gone “plogging” together and made trash-collecting around the city and the natural reserves around the offices as a physical exercise as well as a team event. Education campaigns and shared learning experiences exploring topics such as energy efficiency, water usage, plastic waste and recycling are just some of the impactful initiatives. At times they lead to heated and passionate debates, which are of course welcome and offer great learning experiences for everyone involved. Various challenges have been held over the years keeping the team motivated to go the extra mile for the environment. Countless plants have been planted, making the team’s green initiatives fruitful for all kinds of wildlife and insects also. Munster is known to be a bicycle friendly city and the team embraces this. Offering discounts for bike rentals for the employees are just some of the great ideas they had in order to support the team in reducing their carbon footprint even further.

majorel for environmentMünster team raising awareness about plastic use with some of the plastic collected over Earth Week initiatives.

Our Feel Good team in Majorel Poland has created an informative and fun newsletter, which now runs for the second year. They have also been working hard on making the office as eco-friendly as possible by making sure disposable dishes are a thing of the past. Using printing paper, paper towels and toilet paper only made out of recycled paper. They separate waste in the office and collect batteries and bottle caps for recycling. In the nearest future, our colleagues in Poland will also “adopt” an animal locally and cover its living expenses for a full year together as a team to encourage helping animals in need.

This year, Majorel Romania has organized a Green Week event. One of the workshops, held as part of the program, focused on the impact, we make and can make in terms of protecting the environment. For their “Into the Wild” workshop, our colleagues in Romania have invited a representative from Conservation Carpathia, the foundation that contributes to the conservation and restoration of the natural Carpathian ecosystem, for the benefit of biodiversity and local communities.

Reusable bottles, coffee mugs as well as bags are just some of the stables new team members are welcomed with when they join our teams. Water dispensers have been introduced to many of our offices to avoid single use plastics and no one can really imagine a life without their personal mugs anymore. Working towards a paperless office, is one more step we have taken to ensure an eco-friendly atmosphere all around.

All businesses have an impact on the environment, which is why it’s important to conserve natural resources through local initiatives like recycling and clean energy. We also have a responsibility to the local communities where we operate and our wider society – whether that’s getting involved with educational programs or supporting charities and good causes. We’ll leave you with a video calendar with the amazing seasonal fruits our planet has to offer to celebrate Earth Day!

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