Today’s story is all about Yuichiro Minato, a Japanese Senior Operations Manager working within our team at Majorel Malaysia. Yuichiro shares what made him join Majorel and talks about the skillset that helped him get where he is today.

What are your current responsibilities?

Yuichiro: As a Senior Operations Manager, I manage the daily performance of the team, deliver operational results in accordance with the service delivery scorecard, drive process improvement, and ensure stakeholder management. I enjoy working with both internal and external stakeholders to collaborate well and to achieve our common targets.

What was your path to Majorel and what drew you to apply initially?

Yuichiro: “After I finished my studies, I started my career as an English teacher in a small language school in Japan. During my time there, I was exposed to many experiences, which helped develop my skills in various areas. For instance, I worked as a Sushi Helper and a Salesperson. Taking the best from all the experiences I have gathered, I moved into the BPO industry about 10 years ago and joined Majorel in 2020.

Working within an international company was one of my career goals, and Majorel is one of the global companies leading in the BPO industry. In addition to that, Majorel’s vision to be “our clients’ trusted long-term partner for customer engagement in a constantly changing world” is what triggered my further interest. Building trustworthy and long-term relationships with customers as well as clients have always been one of my main focusses throughout my career.”

How did your career evolve within Majorel?

Yuichiro: “I joined Majorel Malaysia in January 2020 as Team Manager. What I enjoyed the most in this role was overcoming challenges with my team and bringing great results to the project. After 1.5 years, a great opportunity to work as an Operations Manager came up, and I decided to apply. This seemed to be the perfect chance to grow in my career and develop my skills further.”

What skills helped you become an Operations Manager?

Yuichiro: “I believe that my interpersonal skills, analytical skills, and problem-solving skills help me to get chosen. Interpersonal skills are essential to building trusted relationships with both external and internal stakeholders. Analytical and problem-solving skills help to provide us with the right actions to lead the team to achieve Service Level Agreement and Key Per Indicator. Of course, and most importantly, this is achieved through our teams’ dedication and united efforts.”

What do you like about working in Majorel?

Yuichiro: “The culture of respect for diversity is one of the factors I would highlight. My promotion can be a good example: career development opportunities are granted to employees who are driven and dedicated, regardless of where they are from or what background they have.”

Do you have any advice for young people at the start of their careers?

Yuichiro: “Developing a growth mindset is key for career development. Your decisions can change depending on your mindset, which can lead to different outcomes. One of the examples is when you fail at something. If you have a growth mindset, a failure is an opportunity for learning. If you don’t, a failure is the limit of your ability.

I would love to share a formula created by Kazuo Inamori, one of the great entrepreneurs in Japan, which influenced me when I was young.“The Result of Our Life or Work = Mindset/Attitude (-100 to 100) × Effort (0 to 100) × Ability (0 to 100)”

The interesting part of this formulation is that Mindset/Attitude can range from -100 to 100, which leads to overall negative result even if you have the Ability.”

Yuichiro, just like many of our team members, found his passion and worked towards reaching his next goal. Are you looking for new career opportunities? Check out our open positions here.

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