This article features Brian and Elvis – two young and talented athletes from our team in Nairobi, Kenya. They work as Customer Service Representatives and bring amazing team spirit and enthusiasm to work every day. Let’s find out how their attitude of dreaming big guides them through their professional and personal journeys.   

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Brian, tell us about your career before joining Majorel.

Brian: I was a Tour Consultant before joining the Customer Service industry as a Swahili and German Interpreter. I found out about Majorel through Generation Kenya and was instantly drawn to apply. Hard work paid off and I finally found myself working at Majorel.  

Majorel Brian

How did your career evolve at Majorel, Elvis?  

Elvis: Being a Customer Service Representative at Majorel helped me develop some soft skills that continue to benefit me every day. For example, I became more of a problem solver. I learned how to approach problems and find solutions from different perspectives rather than just one. I also learned to enjoy the process and not only the result.  

Majorel Elvis

How would you describe your team?

Brian: my team is highly diverse. I enjoy working with people coming from different backgrounds and cultures. Teamwork drives our company. We are always ready to help each other and achieve our goals as one team.  

Elvis: My team is very organized. We are always prepared to troubleshoot any issues during the day. Of course, we have fun along the way. Being in this team taught me how powerful real teamwork is.  

Which skills helped you move forward with your career?

Brian: I am a professional rugby player. The skills and lessons that rugby has taught me are very key factors in my career. Leadership, resilience, hard work, creative thinking, patience, teamwork… I can go on and on.  

What makes you #FeelGood at Majorel? 

Elvis: I enjoy the office environment a lot as it is ideal for relaxing and bonding with colleagues. Working with people who have the same values as I do, makes me feel good.  

What is your biggest passion outside of work? 

Elvis: Field hockey is my hobby. I adore hockey, it’s in my blood! Aside from that, I enjoy good music and listen to old music with good lyrics and a nice beat.  

What is your biggest professional learning?

Brian: Always look for ways to grow and enjoy what you are doing – this is a valuable life lesson that Ive learned while working at Majorel. With a help of dedicated coaches and team leaders, I strive to learn and become the best version of myself.  

Do you have any professional advice for young people?  

Elvis: My advice to those just starting their careers is to stay focused and not give up on your goals. Be confident in whatever you decide to do. Maintain a positive attitude throughout the ups and downs that life throws at you.   

We are happy and proud that Brian and Elvis found their ways into our team! If you are also looking to start your career journey with us, check out our global and local vacancies here 

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