No matter which position you start in within a company, be it an entry level or higher, there are always options for you to grow in your position and within your team. In the job market, the sky is the limit. We have put together 10 useful tips on how to use your talents and skills in your favour and grow into your career path within a company.  

  1. The first and easiest tip is to show interest and give feedback. It is amazing to see team members showing interest in their workplace and engaging with their team. A good employer will appreciate constructive feedback, and you can take part in creating the workplace that you desire. Additionally, they might remember you when a promotion is up as the one with great ideas. 
  2. Involve yourself! Take initiative in your team. Offer your support when there is a demand. Keeping in mind your own boundaries, those of other people and your dedicated positions, it is always nice to see someone going the extra mile.  
  3. Set yourself goals. If you have a goal you are working towards, you will invest time and energy to get there. This will inevitably lead to you to get further and on the way, you increase your repertoire of skills.  
  4. Learn, study, read and invest time in your own development. There is no better investment than the one in yourself and your skills.   Once you have acquired a presentable set of skills, don’t stop there. Studies show that only those who continuously work on themselves and dedicate time to do so are the most successful people. 
  5. Ask for feedback. Ask where your superiors see you in the company and ask them for constructive criticism to see where you can improve. Usually that gives you a good indication where to and how fast you will be able to develop in a position or company. 
  6. Be self-confident! If you do not apply for another position, do not ask for a salary increase or for a promotion, chances are that you will remain where you are. In an ideal world, you will have someone who sees your talent and pushes for the next career step. In reality, unfortunately, this is not always the case.  
  7. Network. Networking inside and outside of your team is one of the most important things in the job. Only if people know about you, they will think of you once they are looking for a new team member. Be polite, be welcoming and reliable.  
  8. Look for mentors and role models. Who do you strive to be? We meet many people on our career journeys and paths in life. This can be one person or most likely, it will be various influences. Take from those people what you need and learn from them to become the best version of yourself.  
  9. Don’t worry! There are only few people who find their true callings early, others will spend their time exploring new territories all their lives. As long as you enjoy the ride, no job will ever be in vain, as you gain experiences along the way that will ultimately create the person that you are supposed to be. You can always reinvent yourself.  
  10. Above all, have fun! Only those people who like their job will seek new challenges and enjoy exploring them. We spend most of our time working, let’s spend it wisely.  

Noam Shlomo, Junior Recruiter at Majorel Berlin says, “Once you apply for a job in a company, make sure that you know enough about the position and you have the right requirements for it. Prepare yourself for the interview, show interest in the position and the job itself and of course pay attention to the questions. In case you did not pass the interview – don’t be disappointed, just learn from it, take it as an experience and improve yourself for the next time.” 

how to grow your career

Noam joined our company in Berlin as a Content Moderator in 2019 and just one year onwards, moved to our Recruitment team, where he is now supporting people on their career journeys.  If you want to know more about Noam’s career path with us, check out his story here. 

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