How to nail the job interview?

You are looking for a new challenge, but you are still not quite sure of the Dos and Don’ts when it comes to the application process? Applying for new jobs is always a challenge and the application stage consists of a few intricate steps – each of which you can master! In the following you will find some tips on how to master an interview and get the job you truly want!

1. Get (very) familiar with the company you are applying for

This might seam easy, but believe us there are candidates who don’t know the company they apply for or know to little of it. You should always know which company you are applying for, not just what they do, but also:

  • What do they stand for?
  • Do they have values you can connect to?
  • Have they been in the news recently?

Knowing additional facts about the company highlights your motivation. Ideally you can identify with their values, which in turn enables you to comment on certain topics throughout the interview and use it in your favor.

2. Know the job description by heart

Study the job description and your CV again before you go to the interview. Chances are the recruiter will ask you about your CV and what exactly in your experience fits to responsibilities from the job description. Make sure you give short and precise answers and cover at least three main points in the job description with your past experience or personal skills. Knowing the job description (and understanding it!) will leave a clear impression that you are prepared and know what they need and how you can help. In case something was not clear in the job description, ask. But we’ll talk about asking questions also a bit later.

3. The first impression counts

Give everyone in the room a firm handshake, look them in the eye and introduce yourself with confident, they did call you in for a reason ;).

A nice, charismatic smile will always work in your favor. Keep up the eye contact throughout the interview. You have nothing to hide. It shows self confidence and high self-esteem. Both sides will profit from you working there, hence, there is no reason for you to be scared or nervous. Keep a straight back, look them in the eyes and show them what you have to offer.

4. Be yourself!

Be honest, honesty always wins. This remains true in all areas of life, thus also in interviews. Honesty, vulnerability and humbleness are the key to success. Do not pressure yourself to fit their expectations. If you are not the right person for their team and their company, you are better off in another one. Also you will feel much more confident and at ease when you are yourself and can thus make a much better impression.

5. Your Questions are GOLD

Prepare questions and ask them, this is vital! Think about what is important for you in a company, your job or maybe your team. Ask specific questions about the responsibilities, this will help you get a better understanding if the job is right for you, but at the same time highlights your knowledge on the topic/industry. Asking questions will show that you have done your research and that you are ready to face a new challenge. It will raise your value. Don ́t forget that you are what they need and the company needs to be suitable for you as well. the interview is for both sides, you interview the company, the company interviews you. So be ready to dig into the topics that are important to you and see if the company is the right company for you.

Yes, it’s that easy 🙂

Good luck!