Do you sometimes feel symptoms such as headaches, chest pain, muscle tension, or maybe even nausea?

Oftentimes your body will show you clear indications that something is not okay. You might get headaches; feel some pressure in the chest, muscle tension or you might even feel nausea. Everybody is different and what you might feel can be completely different for your colleagues or friends. It is important, however, to listen to your body and take a step back to reflect on your current state of mind.

Many people also either struggle with falling asleep or will constantly wake up during the night. This can also be an indication for stress. Should it happen often it is definitely something to look into.

Are your emotions all over the place?

Stress can also show itself in our emotions. You might feel sudden urges to cry, are easy to irritate, feel sadness or anger. These are all emotions that can indicate stress. Should you feel any of these symptoms it might be good to reflect on these emotions and see if your mood changes are connected to any stress you might feel in your private as well as your work life.

It can happen very subtly and some might not even realize it at first, but another indication for stress is social withdrawal. Should you notice that you tend to withdraw from groups of people or will try to increasingly avoid groups of people, stress might be the reason.

Are you falling victim to over-consumption in any area of your life?

Some people tend to eat uncontrollably, others stop eating and others again turn to other substances such as cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol, or drugs. Any kind of overconsumption should be looked at closer even in times of little stress. However, especially in times of stress they can be clear indicators for it being too much for you.

Is stress a factor in your life right now? If so, reach out. Talk to your friends, colleagues, or even look for support elsewhere. Maybe you need a change in your life, or improve otherwise? Remember that you can only be the best version of yourself, if you feel good. So find the stressor in your life and change something.

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