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Ranked as the second-most populous country in the world, India is the land of diverse people, traditions, religions, and customs. Whether you want to go hiking in the Himalayas, explore stunning ancient mosques, or taste authentic Indian food, spices, and tea: there is something for everyone in India. Being home to the most ancient surviving city in the world – Varanasi, India is also a hub for information technology services. We opened our first office in Gurgaon in 2003, and since then, have added two more offices in Mumbai, and Bangalore. In this article, we put the spotlight on Majorel India and tell you about our team of 2000+ members from all parts of the world.

History & Key Figures 

Our history in India dates back to 2003 (former Arvato), when our local team started out with ambitious plans ahead. Throughout this 19-years period, the team has been growing and expanding across the country, opening 2 additional offices and hiring 2000+ employees. Currently, our colleagues in India support over 22 clients from the IT & High Tech, Automotive, E-Commerce, Social Media, and Travel industries among others.

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Social Corporate Responsibility Across India 

Just like in other Majorel locations around the world, we take actions and various initiatives in support of vulnerable communities and the environment. Just recently, our team has partnered with a local NGO, Yatan, and made donations to socially vulnerable children and women in rural areas. Our colleagues also took powerful actions in support of nature and sustainability. Read here more about our green Corporate Responsibility (CR) initiatives in India.

India in spotlight

#Feelgood at Majorel India

The India team has recently joined Majorel’s global well-being and engagement program and now, they #feelgood officially! As part of the program, our local Feel Good Community on site has formed 5 clubs: Music, Yoga, Meditation, Zumba & Photography. On a weekly basis, the club members come together to enjoy their time after work and make their Body, Mind, and Soul feel good.

India in spotlight

Majorel India: 19 Years of Customer Excellence

“Next year, we’ll celebrate the 20th anniversary in India! Throughout our history in this amazing country, we’ve celebrated numerous milestones and I can talk endlessly about our team’s success. Looking back on the path we’ve gone through together as #OneMajorel team brings a sense of pride. We will keep this spirit and always continue being Driven to Go Further.” Says Anirudh Monga, Vice President at Majorel India.

If you consider joining our team, explore our vacancies in India and in other 30+ Majorel locations around the world here. 

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