The Story of Omar Ibrahim

Omar joined Majorel as an Operations Team Leader for an online travel agency in July 2019. Originally, he was contacted by Majorel to join as an Operations Team Leader in a newly launched project. It came at a time when he was looking for a new challenge. His previous role was in telecommunications, and this position was a completely new experience for him. During his time in the initial project, he was the leader of the Dutch team, but also successfully led other teams like the German, French, Spanish, Turkish and Back-office teams from time to time. He says, “The journey has definitely been full of challenges. From leading my team during a pandemic that had a huge impact on the travel industry, to leading multiple teams supporting languages that I don’t speak. During my time in this role, thanks to the excellent efforts of my team, we were able to contribute to doubling the size of the project, as well as securing the client as a long-term partner of Majorel. 

However, with the support of his manager, he was preparing for the next step in his career. Omar worked hard and did a lot of on-the-job training, delegation, was assigned and exposed to tasks that exceeded his role, as well as an enrolment in the internal Learning and Development programs and on top of that, he was getting Green Belt Six Sigma certified. 

In November 2021, his hard work and focus paid off and Omar was promoted to Service Delivery Manager for an ecommerce project. A new role within a new industry. A great chance to expand his horizons and develop his career further. He describes, “My goal in this project is reaching operational excellence and growth through effective people and performance management. The results have been very promising so far!Among his main responsibilities are to achieve and maintain contractual deliverables, to manage operational performance, lead communication with Majorel´s global team on performance, as well as leading interdepartmental communication 

We wanted to know, which set of skills helped him the most moving forward with his career. To which he replied that the skills helping him most in his professional progression were his leadership skills, communication skills, people, and performance management skills. The position of a Service Delivery Manager is one that is very demanding, and it requires a person that is equally great with numbers as with people. We are more than happy that Omar invested his time and energy to develop his skills towards being the best fit for this new opportunity. Translating teaching moments into every day work life, he describes his biggest professional learning as follows,” I would say that mine so far is that happy team members who feel appreciated are the basis of a successful team. He adds, “Every step of the way so far in both roles, I’ve had constant support and guidance. The teams feel like family, and I genuinely enjoy coming here every day! I’m looking forward to many more years with Majorel. “ 

What makes Omar #feelgood at Majorel?The positive team spirit, as well as achieving success and positive results as a team.” Besides the time he spends at work, we also asked him what he likes to do in his free time. “I like playing video games, cooking, being outside, discovering and trying new places, but my biggest one is spending time with my family and friends.” Finding a work-life balance for sure is a key factor in being a great leader. 

Last, but for sure not least, we wanted to know if he has any advice for the young people who are just starting their careers, to which Omar replied, “Be eager to learn, there’s always room to learn something new and don’t be afraid to fail and make mistakes sometimes, look at it as part of the learning process.We could not agree more! 

Omar, just like many of our team members, found his passion and worked towards reaching his next goal. Are you looking for new career opportunities? Check out our open positions here 

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