Chad Watts shares his career story from Canada

Chad Watts, our colleague from Canada shares his career story and experience of working in multiple Majorel locations across the world over a very long period of time. Starting out as a temporary employee, Chad currently holds the leadership role as an Order Support Supervisor. Check out his amazing journey of progress full of sparkling moments.

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  1. How long have you been in our team and when did your professional journey begin with us?

It’s a tough question. When someone asks me how long I’ve worked for Majorel, like any other great relationship, there’s no reason to keep track; but my journey with Majorel started back in 2004. In those days, before the rebranding, the company was known as Arvato Bertelsmann. I was hired by a staffing agency on a temporary basis to provide support to our clients.

  1. Did you have any prior experience in the Customer Service industry?

At the time, I had no customer service experience and very little understanding of the CRM / BPO business. Through goal setting with my leadership and team, I began to excel in my role and quickly found a passion for passing knowledge to anyone I could. My reputation grew as a top performer and a “yes” person, always there to help someone if I could.

  1. What drove you to keep going further in this industry?

Although my contract was ending, my performance was rewarded by hiring me on a full-time position. In this role, working for one of the most prestigious booksellers, I was introduced to many of the mentors I still credit a good portion of my success to. The knowledge of the back-end of the business I gained drove more curiosity, and when I was asked to start a new campaign with a gaming company, I was all in.

  1. Did you find starting a new campaign challenging? What professional and interpersonal skills have you gained that further triggered your progress?

Starting a new campaign was a chaotic, fast-paced, thrill-ride. My first experience gave me more than enough to refine my customer service skills and quickly led me to a higher position. Since I was in my glory, spreading positivity, using resources as trained, I was directed by my leader to apply for a technical support position. After securing the role, I found a strong drive to help new and existing struggling colleagues and/to fill knowledge gaps. I was working with great people, dealing with challenging work, getting rewards for performance, and working decent hours? This was too good to be true.

  1. How did you move forward with your career?

Arvato was rapidly expanding its global footprint, popping up offices  in Estonia, Argentina, and India to name a few. At that time the need for training staff was in high demand. Luckily, I’ve got this role and trained my first agent class. It wasn’t long before my confidence in the role grew when I was offered to move to Mexico to help start a new operations center. Here I am, still young in my opinion, being asked to be the face of the organization in another country. Do they really trust me that much? Not only was I honored to be among the chosen ones, I had never left Canada so I was also excited.

  1. How would you describe your experience of working in Mexico? Where else did you relocate for work?

This story is long enough without getting into Mexico too much so I’ll keep it short. Wow. What an experience handed to me, one I’ll never forget. I trained until the trainers were trained, took on a Quality Coordinator stretch-role, and eventually, after all the framework was in place, left my home of 7 months to return to Canada. At least that’s what I thought.

But close to the end of my rotation in Mexico, I was offered to move to the Philippines to do the same thing we just finished doing. Of course, I gladly accepted along with a few of my closest colleagues and mentors. The Philippines exposed me to a culture on the opposite side of the world. I ended up staying another 7 months to help set up and get the training team self-sufficient. Returning back felt like somewhat of a homecoming. Everyone wanted to hear stories and asked of what the experience was like. This made me appreciate the opportunity even more. 

  1. How did your professional life go after returning to Canada?

Being back in Canada, with a strong urge to try myself differently, I left Majorel for 7 years. Through these years, I realized that people at work make all the difference. I eventually reapplied at Majorel, and I was hired on as a Supervisor/In-Team Trainer.

I immediately noticed a progressive culture, one full of different backgrounds and perspectives, an environment focused on honesty, integrity, and respect. Since then, I’ve been the Trainer for 2 new campaigns, developed curriculum for clients and Majorel trainings, helped develop new Trainers, and am now just settling back into the leadership role as an Order Support Supervisor.

  1. After so many years of working with us, what brings you the real joy and satisfaction at work?

I look back fondly on all the time spent with Majorel. I can attribute a good portion of my job satisfaction to my colleagues, friends, the people that say hello in the hallway, the clients that are always excited to meet us, the new hires with bright eyes, and the simple enjoyment we get contributing to someone else’s success.

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