Croatia is Europe’s growing hot spot for international tourism and it’s not difficult to see why. This small country brings together stunning islands and seaside towns, gorgeous natural landscapes and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, delicious cuisine, and the people are known to be warm and hospitable. Croatia joined the Majorel world in 2021, when we opened our office in Zagreb, the capital city and Croatia’s industrial, political, and cultural heart. In this article, we shine a spotlight on our organization and our local team in this great country.

Fun fact: Game of Thrones was filmed in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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Majorel Croatia: History & Key Figures

In 2021, we formed a small local team in Zagreb which grew rapidly to 117 employees in one year. Along with the growth of our team, we also diversified our client portfolio and gained a second international brand as client. Currently, our team delivers customer service and tech support services to two global brands from the E-commerce and Banking industry. Our local team stands out with amazing results and achievements working with their clients. They are excited about further growth and development.

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Corporate Responsibility Actions Across Croatia

Just like all of our sites  around the world, our team in Croatia supports Majorel’s four-pillar approach to Corporate Responsibility, and stands for the wellbeing of our people and the society at large. With their charity campaign, The Tree that Feeds Smiles, they collected funds within the team, which was doubled by Majorel, and donated to the local food bank for the homeless in Zagreb.

Our team finds great causes to bond and make a difference. Just recently, they came together to take part in a voluntary blood donation at the office to help overcome blood shortages.

spolight croatia

#FeelGood at Majorel Croatia

When it comes to feeling good at work – our team in Croatia already knows how! As part of the Feel Good Program, Majorel’s global wellbeing and engagement framework, they take part in quizzes and photography contests online, and come together in the office to celebrate International Days and celebrations of the year.

Sounds like fun? Join our growing team in Croatia. You can explore our vacancies at Majorel around the world here.

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