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In a nutshell, Workforce Managers oversee productivity and quality of work within a company by strategically allocating people and resources and supporting operations within different projects. In this interview, Leonard Crisean, current Business Intelligence Manager with +4 years of experience in Workforce Management (WFM), explains what working in WFM means, and what it takes to be successful in this job.

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What are the main responsibilities of a Workforce Manager or a Workforce Specialist?

A company’ workforce looks like a puzzle, while Workforce Managers are the key strategic figures who fit the right pieces together to create the most efficient workflow and ensure smooth operations. They allocate human capital to reach maximum productivity and engagement. The main duties involve forecasting, capacity planning, scheduling, supporting operations, billing and invoicing, real-time-management, reporting & tool maintenance, among others.

What are the main skills of a Workforce Manager?

Working in WFM means understanding relative impact, costs, and benefits of potential actions. For this, a person needs to demonstrate analytical, organizational and prioritization skills and be self-motivated and structured, hands-on, and independently working individual. Other soft skills such as excellent communication, adaptability, attention to details and the capacity to easily find solutions play a key role in being successful in this job.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a Workforce Manager?

As the COVID 19 spread across the planet, all companies, including ours, changed their courses of action and had to adapt. I was responsible for assisting a massive migration of our employees from the office environment to home office. Looking back, it was a challenging process, but through our team efforts, we implemented the work-from-home solution straightaway. We showed great #OneMajorel team spirit and, believe it or not, our team resumed working in full swing, but remotely in less than 2 weeks!

What is most interesting about working in WFM?

Working closely with people from different levels and departments, but also handling client relations. Every day, you need to be in contact with each department to ensure smooth operations and overall efficient workflow. What brought me the biggest joy at work was seeing operations efforts payed out with a stable progress and successes of our projects (which we see happening so often!).

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