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As a global company, with a significant geographic footprint and a rapidly growing workforce, we commit to the welfare of our people, society, and the environment. We are dedicated to supporting and strengthening local communities where we operate and our wider society – whether that’s getting involved with educational programs or supporting charities and good causes. See below some of the initiatives that Majorel took as part of our global corporate responsibility pilar ‘Environment & Local Communities, in support of education in 2020.

  1. Morocco

A great example of our strategic approach to supporting education among local communities is our recent project, building digital talent in Africa. As a founder member of Digital Skills Accelerator Africa (DSAA), Majorel works with the Moroccan Foundation for Education for Employment on training support programs for young people actively seeking employment. The program is tailored to the specific needs of the BPO sector to create new employment opportunities on the African market.

  1. Egypt

Within our global corporate responsibility framework, Majorel Egypt has launched the Impact program, an employee-led volunteer effort to support education and help uplift some of the most underserved communities across Egypt. Within this framework, our team contributed to improving the educational journey of young refugees by sponsoring them with scholarships, providing necessary educational equipment and engaging in off-campus activities.

“With over 7500 people, our team in Egypt has grown strengths to strength to be the leading Customer Experience Outsourcing company in the Middle East. But with success and growth also comes responsibility, not only for our clients and employees, but also for our community. I am proud of the Impact program as it transcends our key guiding principles of care for our people’s health, safety, and wellbeing within our community and gives hope to young refugees for a better future,” says Ricardo Langwieder-Görner, Managing Director at Majorel Egypt. Read more about the Impact program here.

  1. Romania

Having launched the #WeCare campaign, Majorel Romania has also contributed to this good cause, sponsoring children from the local orphanage with computers and tablets. The campaign is a long-term commitment serving a great purpose to open up new education prospects for children in need and to take part in their further development.

“We always advocate for equal learning opportunities and inclusion within and beyond our communities across the world.  Access to quality education should not be dependent on a person’s social background, financial standing, gender, religion or culture,” said Daniela Micușan, Country Manager at Majorel Romania. Read more about the #WeCare campaign here.

  1. Georgia

Majorel Georgia also joined our global efforts to support education, lifelong learning opportunities for all, equality, and inclusion within local communities, launching two powerful CSR campaigns. The Back-to-School campaign aims at encouraging children with needs to pursue their school studies and supporting their social integration within a classroom by sponsoring them with school necessities. The second campaign is a response to massive school closures related to the Coronavirus outbreak in Georgia. To promote equal learning opportunities for all, our colleagues in Georgia sponsored laptops and internet access to socially and financially vulnerable students.

“Supporting education and strengthening vulnerable communities across the country are one of the top priorities for Majorel Georgia. Over the last years, CSR initiatives supporting education have become a tradition for our team. Joint actions are powerful drivers towards positive change, especially, in the modern times.” says Alexander Mironenko, Country Manager of Majorel Georgia. Read the full story here.

Through these campaigns, our colleagues have set an example, encouraging other organizations to take steps towards this enlightening and empowering journey of making a difference for vulnerable communities across the world.

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