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Georgia is a small country, barely visible on the map and often confused with the U.S. state. Not many people know that it’s a melting pot of different traditions, cultures, and people. A multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country at the crossroads of history; neither European nor Asian, but a blend of both East and West. In this article, we put the spotlight on Majorel in Georgia and tell you about our story in this extraordinary country

Majorel Georgia

Majorel in Georgia: History & Key Facts

We opened the first office in Tbilisi in 2016 with just a handful of employees and one client. Through the journey of constant growth, our team was learning and developing every day. In 2019, we opened two new offices in two more cities, in Kutaisi and Batumi. When the global pandemic started in 2020, our team successfully implemented the work from home solution, and now our colleagues work both from home and at the office. Currently, we have +2700 employees in 5 offices across Georgia. Our team delivers excellent customer experiences for the top global brands in the industries such as: Travel & Hospitality, Consumer Products & Retail, IT, Automotive, and Global Internet, among others. Majorel is already known as a top employer on the local market, which always makes its employees and the local community #FeelGood. How? Read on to find out. 

Corporate Responsibility Actions Across Georgia

We always take responsibility to the wider society where we operate. In Georgia, our team has been constantly supporting charities and other good causes. We promote equality of resources, gender equality, social inclusion, fair working conditions, education and green initiatives. Whether sponsoring educational centers or local orphanages, our team in Georgia has been continuously putting efforts in support of the local communities in need. Read more about the impact of our actions and other Corporate Responsibility (CR) initiatives in Georgia here 

Majorel Georgia

#FeelGood at Majorel Georgia

As part of Majorel’s global wellbeing & engagement Feel Good Program, our Feel Good Community makes sure our workdays are cheered up with different fun and intellectual activities (even in the pandemic). Georgia was one of the pioneers at implementing different social clubs. Currently, we have a Movie Club, Parents Club, and Sports Club (and many more) which bring together our employees with similar interests and backgrounds. Our employees in Georgia also benefit from the wellbeing and professional development programs and activities as part of the Feel Good Program as well. Together as #OneMajorel team, we make our work more exciting and meaningful.

Majorel Georgia

“Georgia is widely regarded as one of the most business-friendly countries in the world; but going beyond this, what I find the most remarkable in this country is the people. We have an amazing team in Georgia who deliver top results, are not afraid of challenges and are always driven to go further. We are ready to embark on new journeys in 2022, take on new challenges and write new chapters in the book of our success stories,” says Alexander Mironenko, Country Director at Majorel Georgia.   

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