As part of the Majorel global corporate social responsibility framework, our team in India takes actions towards environmental protection by launching two powerful campaigns that promote healthier and more sustainable environment. The main objective of the #ProudToFightPlastic and ‘Plant a Tree’ campaigns is to raise awareness of current environmental challenges and take measure to promote sustainability and mitigate environmental impact.

Majorel India Standing up for the Environment

The month-long #ProudToFightPlastic initiative was rolled out in October 2020 to fight against the plastic pollution in India. The Majorel India team raised awareness of harmful effects of plastic waste disposal through different online and offline media and encouraged recycling. Thanks to the joint efforts of our +1000 colleagues, we have collected a large amount of plastic waste within our central office in Gurgaon and donated to the local NGO, Sustainable Green Initiative. As a result, the organization recycled debris into construction materials.

Majorel India Standing up for the EnvironmentThe ‘Plant a Tree’ initiative was a one-day effort to increase the green cover and support biodiversity in Mumbai. Our top management in Mumbai has flagged off the campaign and, along with our people planted 50 fruit tree seedlings of different kind at the office. Later on, the seedlings were replanted for greening suburban areas of Mumbai to support air purification, reduction of pollution, and improvement of soil quality.

As #OneTeam, we believe, caring for our world is everyone’s responsibility and we should encourage others to live in harmony with the Earth by taking actions to protect it. Joint actions are powerful drivers towards positive change, especially, in the modern times when the world faces serious environmental crisis. Through these campaigns, our colleagues have set an example and encouraged other organizations and communities in India and beyond all to take small steps towards this good cause.

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