Lithuania, a small country in the Baltic region of Europe, is known for its rich culture, language, and history. Their native language, Lithuanian is one of the world’s most ancient languages, older than Celtic, German, and Greek. In this article, we shine a spotlight on our growing team in Vilnius, the capital city, and the educational, cultural, and economic center of this ancient country.

Did you know? Lithuania was the largest state in Europe in the 15th century.


Majorel Lithuania: History & Key Figures

Our journey in Lithuania started in 2022, when we opened our first office in Vilnius, in June of 2022. Since September last year, our local team has grown to more than 200 team members. Currently, they work in a hybrid work model and deliver customer support service in 5 languages to one of the top global brands in the Travel industry.


Ieva Šedienė, HR Country Manager in Majorel Lithuania pointed out: “Our aim is not just creating workplaces, but nurturing the work environment where people from different backgrounds feel heard, valued, and appreciated.”

Read the story of Natalja Selenkoviene, Country Manager of Majorel Lithuania here and find out more about our organization and team in Vilnius.

Corporate Responsibility Actions Across Lithuania

Our team in Vilnius actively contributes to the welfare of local communities and the environment, in support of Majorel’s five-pillar approach to Corporate Responsibility. In December, they visited two local foster homes in Vilnius and fulfilled the Christmas wishes of children. They purchased, personally wrapped, and delivered a variety of gifts, based on the children’s wish lists. What a great way to bond and spread kindness!


Feel Good at Majorel Lithuania

Both at home and in the office – our colleagues in Lithuania already know how to feel good! As part of the Feel Good Program, Majorel’s global well-being and engagement framework, they formed six communities: boxing, yoga, ceramics, board games, computer games, and football. Every month, each club brings together our team members in Vilnius and encourages them to keep up with their hobbies through different activities. Throughout the year, they also organized some other feel good initiatives, such as cinema day with friends and family, dog walking, and bowling.


Sounds like fun? Join our growing team in Lithuania. You can explore our vacancies at Majorel around the world here. Connect with our local team on social media on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.


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