Famous for its vast landscapes, beautiful mountain ranges and bright colors, Peru is one of the incredible destinations in South America. It is a melting pot of ancient civilizations, cultures, and languages. Our team in Peru is just as diverse as the country itself. In this article, we shine a spotlight on our team in Lima – the country’s political, economical, and spiritual heart and the fifth largest city in South America.

Did you know? There are 47 indigenous languages spoken in Peru.

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Majorel Peru: History & Key Figures

We opened our first office in the capital city Lima in 2011 and started operations in Peru with just 26 team members on site. Throughout the years, our local team has grown and expanded across the country by opening the second office. Currently, our team counts more than 2300 employees who stand out with great achievements with our clients. They deliver customer support, tech support, and content moderation services in five languages – Portuguese, English, Japanese, and Catalan, among others – and serve some of the top global brands from the industries such as E-Commerce, Social Media, and Telecommunications.

spotlight peru

“I feel so proud of our talented team in Lima. Our high-quality standards have opened new doors, allowing us to provide great and tailored services to global world-class brands. Our growth has been exponential over the years and, today, our objective is to keep expanding in Latin America. To achieve that, we will focus on attracting the best local talent and on offering both employees and clients the best experience,” said Ana Ruiz, Business Unit Manager at Majorel Peru.

Corporate Responsibility Actions Across Peru

To our team in Peru, it is a top priority to address social issues and take care of the environment and animal welfare. Following Majorel’s four-pillar approach to Corporate Responsibility, they took two powerful initiatives recently. With their annual charity campaign, The Tree that Feeds Smiles, they collected funds within the team, which was doubled by Majorel, and donated to the local food bank in Lima. They also regularly collaborate with Voz Animal (Animal Voice), a local animal shelter and raise funds to help the homeless animals.

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#FeelGood at Majorel Peru

The Feel Good Program, Majorel’s global wellbeing & engagement framework, brings our team together in Peru also. Every month, they organize employee recognition events to recognize top performers with diplomas and rewards and support their career development within the team. Recently, they started the School of Leaders, a 5-month program to train future leaders within the team and pave their way to become Trainers, Solution Coaches, Team Managers among others. Setting the team members up for a bright future ahead.

spotlight peru

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