10 years ago, we could have hardly imagined that Romania would become one of the key multilingual hubs of the Majorel Group. Here’s a short challenge video about what has happened throughout these years.

Starting out with just 27 people employed in just one office in Brasov, the company has grown significantly throughout these years and now, with more than 1300 employees operates from four cities in Romania.

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept through the world, Majorel Romania quickly established a a work-from-home program. Despite the crisis, the company has expanded its client portfolio during this period and hired more than 300 new team members.

“Our dynamic industry requires adaptability and creativity, characteristics that define Romanian people. We feel honored and proud to be here,” said Matthias Mueller, Operations Director, Majorel Eastern Europe. Today the company has made a name for being a worldwide known, well-respected player in the dynamic and demanding customer service industry.

But none of the successful outcomes could have been achieved without our exemplary employees who are always driven to go further. Let’s hear them speak on Majorel Romania’s challenges and impressive journey behind.

Click here to take a glance behind the scenes of Majorel Romania’s success story.

For 3 years in a row, Majorel Romania has received the Top Employer Certification. If you want to start the career in Romania go to: www.createyourcareer.ro

Happy Birthday Majorel Romania!


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