As part of our global corporate social responsibility framework, we are committed to supporting local communities, especially in times of need. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many people to be unable to provide for basic needs during the year 2020. For this reason, Majorel IBILAT – Colombia, Italy, Peru, Portugal, and Spain – joined forces over the Christmas period to launch The Tree that Feeds Smilessolidarity campaign. 

Supporting communities

Our colleagues didn’t miss out on the opportunity to make a difference and thanks to their generous contributions, many families were able to enjoy a meal during the holiday season. 

Majorel Colombia decided to help FundaciónBanco de Alimentos in Bucaramanga, a NGO (non-profit organisation) which goal is of being a bridge between the food industry and the most vulnerable communities in order to improve their quality of life. 

Similarly, Majorel Italy partnered with BancoAlimentare, a NGO founded in 1989. The organisation promotes the collection of food surpluses and the redistribution to more than 7,000 charitable structures in the country. 

Our colleagues from Majorel Peru supported Asociación de las Bienaventuranzasa charity dedicated to helping people in need of a place to live. The organisation provides a welcoming and safe place for disadvantaged children, youths, adults, and elderly in Lima. 

Majorel Portugal collaborated with Rede de EmergênciaAlimentar, a special project set up by BancoAlimentar and Entreajuda to fight the current emergency scenario. Banco Alimentar leads 21 Food Banks across Portugal, while Entreajuda plays a key role in supporting social sector organisations increasing their social response capacity. 

Not least of all, in Spain, Majorel collaborated with FESBAL, the Spanish Federation of Food Banks, a non-profit organisation founded in 1996 that coordinates 54 Food Banks across the country. They are responsible for storing and distributing food among authorised charities that deliver it to the most underprivileged people. 

For every euro donated by the employees, Majorel will donate the same amount, reaching a total donation of € 5,396, corresponding to 5 tons of food. Thanks to our joint efforts, in just one country – Spain, our donation generated 14,596 food rations for the local communities in need.

Through to The Tree that Feeds Smiles solidarity campaign Majorel contributed to the fight against hunger and poverty while strengthening the values of respect and inclusion by helping others.  

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