Helping those around us in times of need has always been a core value and a top priority for Majorel. In the face of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and fast-changing political circumstances within the region, our teams are stepping up efforts to stand with the people of Ukraine. We are taking actions to provide financial and humanitarian resources to the Ukrainian people and unite efforts to help all vulnerable groups affected by the war.

“Our hearts and thoughts go out to all the people affected by the war and its devastating consequences. Majorel stands unequivocally with the people affected by the crisis in these difficult times. Our teams have shown amazing unity, solidarity, and generosity. I would like to thank them for their tireless efforts in volunteering, collecting emergency supplies and lifesaving necessities, and some even welcoming refugees into their homes. We will continue to monitor the situation, stay connected with our employees on a global level, and stand for the affected people and peace,” said Matthias Müller, Managing Director at Majorel Eastern Europe.

Ukraine Support Group at Majorel

First and foremost, we focus on the safety and wellbeing of our colleagues and their extended families who are affected by the traumatic experiences of the war. To effectively coordinate our support, we have established a Ukraine Support Group, which involves our regional HR and operational managers. They continue to monitor the situation in Ukraine and ensure we have the right resources in place to support our people and the local communities. They take every possible action to ensure that the essential needs of our teams are being met by providing resources, such as emergency helpline and psychological counselling. We are continuing our efforts to help our Ukrainian colleagues and their families on a global basis. Below you can read about some of the local initiatives carried out over the past several months.

Majorel Poland

To help the children’s hospital in Lviv and to support refugees fleeing Ukraine, our team in Poland has raised funds and collected food, clothes, medical supplies, and other necessities. The resources collected have been donated to the Polish Humanitarian Action and sent to Ukraine. Some of our colleagues in Poland have shown amazing solidarity and took it upon themselves to provide shelters for the refugees. On top of that, our team in Poland has formed a special Ukraine Support group where they keep everyone informed of Ukraine matters and how they can show further support.

Watch the video here with our colleagues in Poland standing for peace and showing solidarity with Ukraine.


Majorel Georgia

Our team in Georgia has partnered up with Georgia Red Cross Society to provide humanitarian, financial, and lifesaving aid to those in need in Ukraine. Our colleagues collected donations from individuals.  The total amount of these donations was tripled by our company and donated to the Red Cross Society. Additionally, our colleagues in Georgia have collected clothes, food and necessities which were transferred to the refugees at the country border. Read more about our CR action in Georgia here.

Majorel Spain

Our teams in Salamanca and Jerez de la Frontera joined our global initiatives to stand with the people of Ukraine. In Salamanca, our team partnered up with the Association of Ukrainian Citizens and collected food, hygiene products, and necessities which were sent to Ukraine. In Jerez de la Frontera, our colleagues created the Ukraine Support group where they are can collaborate with local NGOs responsible for donations and fund-raising for Ukraine.

Majorel Estonia

To support refugees from Ukraine, our team in Tallinn has gathered resources such as hygiene products, food, and clothes which were donated to Estonian Refugee Council. This organization provides support services and humanitarian aid to people who have fled their homes and moved abroad. On an ongoing basis, our colleagues in Estonia continue collecting supplies and resources to help the Ukrainian communities locally.

Estonia Tallinn

Majorel Romania

Our colleagues in Romania have come together to collect money and urgent supplies such as food, clothes, medicine kits, sleeping bags, etc. which were donated to the refugees at the Ukrainian border. The amount received from the employee charity has been topped up by our company and donated to the Romanian Red Cross. The organization assists the most vulnerable people across the country in times of disasters and crises.

Our approach to CR is an integral part of our drive to ‘do the right thing,’ which is outlined in Majorel’s Code of Conduct.

We prioritize our responsibilities towards our people, society, and the environment. These are captured in Majorel’s four-pillar approach to Corporate Responsibility (CR). Learn more.

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