By better understanding what motivates us, what brings purpose to our work and most of all, makes us feel good, we lay foundation for innovations and drive change at Majorel. Our colleagues from different Majorel sites have recently carried out the #FeelGood Chronicles Challenge. They asked: how well do we know the different ways people #FeelGood at work?

So, we encouraged our teams to share stories on what makes them feel good at work, whether at the office or at home office. The #FeelGood Chronicles Challenge allowed individual self-expression, encouraging creativity and originality.

Over the period of 2 weeks, our Instagram page was flooded with hundreds of insightful and creative entries. These stories showed our amazing & diverse teams, our lifestyles, and our own ways of Feeling Good. This included funny moments of home office, office perks, joyful flashbacks with colleagues, and even just the power of fresh coffee.

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Feel Good Managers from each participating Majorel site formed a special jury and voted for the best #FeelGood Chronicle series. We’re happy to present the 3 winners.

#FeelGood Chronicles

Majorel employees participating in the #FeelGood Chronicles Challenge were assessed according to the following criteria: creativity, humor, inspiration, value and brand alignment.

Each member of our international community has an active say in shaping our work culture at Majorel. As #OneTeam, we think up creative ideas on how to make our work experience more joyful and transform our ideas into actions. The #FeelGood Chronicles Challenge engaged +13000 employees from Majorel Poland, Romania, Berlin, Georgia, Estonia, and Armenia, in total representing +100 nationalities.

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