Changing Career Paths can be Easy


Noam acquired a B.A. degree in Arabic and Islam Studies and a M.A. degree in International Relations in Israel. He also has 9 years of experience in the hospitality field. In March 2017 he moved to Berlin in order to learn more about other cultures and develop his skills interacting with an international crowd. Noam joined our company and started as a Content Moderator in the Hebrew Market in March 2019 and just one year onwards, he joined our Recruitment team.

“During my time in the company I got and get to know a lot of amazing and interesting people from all around the world who make my days in the company more joyful, funnier, and fascinating. I could even start developing my career in HR as well I am very pleasured to work here and to be part of the Majorel Family!”

He puts all the politeness and service oriented mindset to use in his position as a Junior recruiter and does amazingly, working tirelessly to help growing our team! He is one of the many great examples that all skills and experiences can be made great use of! We are very excited to have him and are very grateful he decided to join our community in Berlin!


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